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Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. She hopes that her landmark achievement will inspire more female medical students to add to much-needed surgical expertise on the continent.

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Tshiamo works for the national mineral research organisation Mintek. I got to hear what everybody else in the world is doing. FameLab has been an amazing journey from the beginning to the end. Her completed fellowship for the Council of Neurosurgeons of South Africa in means she is now the youngest neurosurgeon in Africa, and one of only five black female brain surgeons in South Africa. She hopes that her landmark achievement will inspire more female medical students to add to much-needed surgical expertise on the continent.

For the fourth time, Hamburg's South African community and friends are organising this wonderful festival, showcasing South Africa's diversity and artistic creativity! As in previous years, there will be a forum for organisations battling for Human Rights, for children in distress, for ecological justice and refugees. Questions of social change, social justice and the role of the artist linked with questions of exile, migration and belonging are central themes in his work which he is exhibiting in three complementary parts.

In the photographic series "A 3rd World Soul in a 1st World Pandemonium" the artist documents himself and kindred spirits on intensive forays through the streets of Berlin.

What does this mean for social struggles? Can there be a queer emancipation today without addressing issues of the past? Rainbow Riots is the title of a recently released album House of Wallenberg by queer artists from all over the world. Her ink, gouache and watercolour illustrations embrace a simplicity and earnestness through their subject matter, solid planes of colour and painterly brush marks.

I wanted to explore and investigate this naivety and innocence I often regarded as problematic and shameful, and embrace it in a body of work that allowed this to flourish in what I regard as truly being part of my nature.

Everyday scenes, feelings and observations that I would have previously overlooked and suppressed, slowly found their way into my paintings and illustrations. Pioneer of South African Jazz: Almost 60 years ago, together with Hugh Masekela, he founded the Jazz Epistles in South Africa, one of the most important bands playing a highly political Jazz during the rule of the Apartheid state.

The exceptional musician, who began his professional career at the age of 15, is accompanied by his septet Ekaya, founded in A former journalist, advertising copywriter, Internet manager and brand strategist, Deon Meyer has published thirteen novels and two short story collections. His books have been published in more than 40 countries world-wide, and one Dead Before Dying was turned into the international TV series Cape Town. By voluntarily registering, you do assist the mission to determine the number of citizens living in the country and to be able to contact you and your family in South Africa in the event of an evacuation, natural disaster, family emergency etc.

Furthermore, your contact details which will be handled in a strictly confidential way enable the Embassy to provide you with information related to Embassy events , registration for general election , etc. The Newsletter will be sent out each month and we invite you to share with us your comments and to also inform us if your city or community is organising an event that features South Africa, in any way.

Please send us an email on webmaster at suedafrika. Hello I am 20 years old and I'm in the beginning stages of learning Korean. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.

And I have been interested in culture of UK. I'd like to exchange our culture and languages. I am from South Africa and can speak fluent English.

Looking for someone to help me learn how to speak Tamil. Hi, I'm Japanese, and am working in SA. I would like to study English more. I can teach you Japanese language. I am an energetic, fun loving woman. South Africa places great importance on the development of legal mechanisms to regulate the peaceful use, exploration and utilisation of outer space.

It is only by following a rule based approach to the peaceful use of outer space that equality can be maintained between all nations participating in outer space activities, irrespective of their development status. Last year, the Legal Sub-committee began deliberating on important issues in terms of space governance that are of relevance to the development and implementation of international space law rules.

In particular, I refer here to deliberations on the exchange of views on the application of International Law to small satellite activities and of course the general exchange of views on potential legal models for activities in the exploration, exploitation and utilisation of space resources , which are issues relevant to emerging space nations.

These Treaties are the cornerstone of the International legal framework governing outer space and shape the manner in which space exploration and utilisation activities may be conducted.

My delegation recognises that the utilisation of Outer Space will be a key driver towards the delivery of the Agenda for Sustainable Development and in addressing the triple challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment that many developing countries continue to face. Consequently, South Africa will strive to be at the forefront of efforts to pursue discussions on the long-term sustainability of Outer Space activities.

In this regard, we call on all States to show maximum flexibility and redouble efforts to address the remaining Guidelines and to decide on the outstanding modalities going forward with the ultimate goal of implementing these guidelines at the national level by all States. Last year, South Africa reported that the process of finalising a review of our existing Space legislation in order to include new and topical provisions was underway.