Anatomy of a Pump and Dump (And How To Profit From Them)


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La banque ou bien le broker. Chris Carey, editor of Sharesleuth. I found SMX East - overall - informative and energizing. I love that speakers assume we already know a lot about SEO because we do and the presentations are therefore more specific with more information that we can act on.

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SMX East was a strategically, well planned conference that provided a wealth of information from the novice to the expert SEO enthusiast. It was a refreshing experience to attend a conference and leave with innumerable tools and information that I could use when I got back to work. SMX was an extraordinary experience. Excellent speakers, well managed, and entertaining.

I met some very interesting people, made a new friend or two, and took away knowledge that I did not have before. SocialPro easily paid for itself within the first day based off the knowledge attained in the first few sessions alone. It offers great insight into internet marketing and a unique opportunity to network with influencers throughout the industry.

I highly recommend it and will definitely be attending again. What really helps me justify attending this conference is the networking opportunities with the speakers and attendees. Each year I go to the conference with questions and I'll meet multiple individuals who can help answer my question as well as provide a fresh perspective so that I can solve the issues at hand and have new tactics and ideas to take into my next fiscal year planning sessions.

I've been doing SEO for almost seven years now, six of which were spent at an Inc. The presentations were strategy focused and actionable, the presenters were receptive to answering technical questions I had, and the networking experience was truly one of a kind. This was truly a first time experience for the record books and I look forward to attending many more in the future. This was by far the best conference I have ever attended.

My team has gained learning from SMX that will make us and many other companies millions in the coming years. Amazing amount of knowledge gained in four days, loved the format of asking questions live. Received a tremendous amount of knowledge from some wickedly smart people! SMX really shines when it comes to providing a one—on—one opportunity to talk with the experts. The planned evening social events were also fun and productive.

They helped me develop connections beyond a brief meeting which will be key to fostering actual business relationships. The opportunity to learn and discuss SEO with new friends and faces, plus the opportunity to meet industry experts. The birds of a feather tables are excellent. For the third year in a row, I'm still trying to digest the information I learned a week later. I can't wait to put it in action for my company! I love the content of the show.

For most of the time slots there were more than one session I wanted to go to! Overall, speakers were great. Audience questions were great. My favorite thing about the show is Excellent speakers, case studies were very interesting and particularly liked the admittance of failure of certain projects.

From start to finish, every session was informative and relevant to the challenges being faced in transforming organisations both technically and culturally to drive customer engagement. Great speaker line up and packed with practical take outs that will help us immediately derive benefit from attending the conference. Overall, an excellent experience. Well done to the team!

I am certainly planning on returning next year. SMX is a great digital marketing conference, covering all aspects of the digital space — despite focusing in on how to rank competitively in Search Engines. I recommend it to any one serious about marketing — especially on the web. This was my first time attending SMX. I thought it was a great way to meet new people with the same interests and listen to amazing keynote speakers.

I look forward to next year. We had a great time — all of the events were fantastic and we learned a ton. The Birds of a Feather lunches were a great idea to get like—minded people together, not only to connect but to share ideas, network, help each other out, etc. The amount of information and actionable ideas that you take away is outstanding and will hopefully make our company that much better.

I'm actually a little overwhelmed because I learned so many tactics I want to apply to our business. Loved the show, though I wish there was more of me as I wanted to view multiple tracks that were going on at the same time. SMX Advanced is the show for folks interested in more than just basic industry information and expertise. Nice to pick up new tips and tricks as well as reassurance that I'm on the right track with a strong foundation. Invaluable for anyone who is serious about Search Marketing.

I value the advanced tracks with more advanced colleagues to network and learn from. The networking and socializing with my peer community is more than beyond invaluable to me The networking opportunities, quality of speakers and information given is second to none.

I wish I had a clone with me. So much great content, speakers, and topics. I must say that the best information gained was during the networking events though; the contacts and conversations have been priceless.

This was my first SMX show, and needless to say I'm hooked. I can't get enough, I have turned into a Search Junkie!! SMX Advanced may have been the best conference I have attended in the last few years.

The speakers did a good job of providing high level content and there was plenty of time for conversations in between sessions. Will be there in next year. Thank you again for another year that has given me a list of action items, a brain full of ideas and a heart filled with motivation to achieve the best SEO practices.

There was the incredible buzz of excitement around all the latest thinking in the SEO industry. There were so many good take—aways, one is challenged to take advantage of them all. The sessions easily paid for the investment. Can't imagine a better way to learn from the best in the business, and network with those serious about staying on top of the SEO — SEM industry.

I would definitely attend again. There were several instances where I had a very tough time deciding which session to go to. I left SMX feeling refreshed, for lack of a better term. Not refreshed physically, because I was pretty exhausted, but refreshed in terms of my attitude towards SEO. I felt much more engaged with the SEO community as a whole, and all of the things that are currently going on in the world of search.

I definitely look forward to attending another conference like this, and would encourage you to do the same if possible. This was by far the best conference I have been to. It allowed for a lot more in—depth learning and even threw some things out that I had to look up! SMX Advanced was extremely organized, held in a great venue and was jam packed with valuable takeaways and networking opportunities for seasoned SEOs!

Overall I love the sessions, some really interesting topics and ideas being shared. Great access to all of the data from the website. SMX East gave me with the opportunity to grow and learn from industry experts that were willing to share their experiences and give the inside scoop on SEM.

SMX East is a great learning experience and an amazing networking opportunity for all industry professionals! SMX East was a fantastic event that facilitated the brilliant knowledgeshare of search and social topics. The sessions were incredibly smart and provided a diverse range of subjects that were both interactive and entertaining.

No matter what your level of expertise was, SMX East provided a track that was just right for you. Furthermore, SMX East showcased a wide variety top—notch vendors that were happy to provide information about their services and offerings.

Finally, I met quite a few new friends that I look forward to keeping in touch and networking with in the future. I highly recommend SMX conferences to all search marketing professionals and digitally focused organizations. Thanks for a great time, SMX! The content was great in terms of current challenges and best practices, as well as providing tools and guidance for businesses that need to introduce change. I only wish I could have cloned myself so I could have gone to multiple sessions at the same time.

The speakers were top—notch, and the whole atmosphere made it easy to meet lots of other search marketing professionals. Definitely a "can't miss" conference for anyone who wants to stay on top of the industry. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at SMX East. The sessions were insightful, cutting edge, and I definitely left with plenty of tactics I can apply to the search engine marketing campaigns I currently manage. The networking was also phenomenal.

Between pre event networking on SMX connect, and all of the networking focused events at the conference, I was able to connect with dozens of other Internet marketers. SocialPro was a phenomenal experience full of great speakers and abundant networking opportunities. I met some amazing marketers and learned a ton from the presentations that I can take back with me and apply to my clients.

I'm a huge fan of SocialPro! From meeting new industry experts, hanging out with old friends, and learning a ton of awesome techniques that you can work with almost immediately, the SocialPro conference is where it's at if you're serious about honing your skills as an online marketer.

The privilege of meeting new industry experts and learning new skills to enhance your online marketing abilities are reason enough to attend. The connections you can make and the knowledge you can gain are priceless and can last a lifetime or until the next algorithm update. As an agency, each time a team member attends SocialPro, we come back with industry related knowledge, above and beyond the price of admission. SocialPro was chocked full of take-aways for SMB's and Enterprise organizations, say hello to me at the next one!

SocialPro has been, and continues to be, one of the top Internet marketing conferences out there. With its focus solely on the seemingly ubiquitous social platforms, is a fantastic arm of this hallmark event. In our industry, it's crucial to keep up with the ever—changing platforms— this can, of course, be a challenge — which makes top—notch training, like that offered by SocialPro, a crucial investment.

Our team always comes away from SocialPro inspired and armed with actionable takeaways to implement with our clients, both B2C and B2B. Whether you're new to Social Media or consider yourself well-versed, SocialPro is definitely a show you should attend. The speakers were experts in their respective fields and offered fresh perspectives and helpful data and tools on the latest and greatest in our space.

There was also ample networking time, which allowed for the ability to share strategies and connect with other attendees.

Leaving SocialPro felt like leaving summer camp! What a warm, friendly environment to forge connections with a great group of smart marketers. Many social media conferences provide abstract ideas about community and engagement, but it's rare to find one that offers as much actionable data and strategy as SocialPro. The SocialPro event was great. Packed full of awesome information, great presenters, incredible attendees and killer networking.

If you have an opportunity to attend a future SocialPro event, do it! As a first time SocialPro attendee, I found SocialPro to be a well organized event, packed full of relevant, high-quality information from a variety of dynamic, interesting speakers. I'm already looking forward to the next one! SMX easily paid for itself within the first day based off the knowledge attained in the first few sessions alone.

SMX West gets better each year. It's become a "must—attend" event for networking and getting the latest actionable insights from speakers and peers. As usual, SMX didn't disappoint. Great speakers, great session topics, and great people.

And I even met a few exhibiting vendors that I'd never heard of before and may begin doing business with, which is was an added bonus! I definitely plan on continuing to attend SMX events in the future. The level of new information was great. I was challenged with advanced techniques and tips, and learned something new in each session. The connections I made were very valuable as well, as I'm able to collaborate with other experts on future projects. And the opportunity to meet and have lunch with a variety of experts was priceless as well.

SMX West was an extraordinary experience. I never fail to leave with more actionable take—aways than time to implement. I love attending SMX Advanced. The speakers and sessions always leave me with great ideas and invaluable takeaways to bring home.

On top of that, the networking opportunities are priceless. Everyone is super approachable, and you never know when just saying "hi" to someone balloon into an amazing Search Marketing conversation. More often then not at Advanced, it does! SMX Advanced is the most informative and accessible search marketing event I've attended Danny and team put on an awesome event at a great venue that the SEO community has come to rely on every year. Everything from the speakers to the networking opportunities is top notch..

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Des courtiers de ce genre devraient etre interedits par la loi. Sebastien, le nom deja!!! Just Had another look at your charts above. Seems to me that following increased volume, there is often a mini-spike that drops back immiediately prior to the major-spike.

Looks like you were exactly right — CL8 playing out as it always does. Spiked nicely mid January — hope you got on board. Anyway, just my thoughts, but interesting that you noticed this too.

Just wanted to thank you for an excellent article. Still hoping for TPAC to pump again. Good information has been hard to find with most people wanting to charge outrageous amounts for small bits of material. Thanks for the kind words Zach, and glad you found the article useful. Good luck with your trading and always remember to maintain solid risk management. I appreciate you taking the time to do this men.

Keep up the good work. Nude investor, I am 18 in two weeks and eager to get into stocks. I have been doing a lot of research, this article has helped me tremendously.

I have picked a few pre pump stocks, they show positive money flow and I think they will be winners. I really cant wait to put my money where my mouth is but do you mind if i share these picks with you and get your opinion?

Ive really been studying hard and i want to make something out of this! Looks like the 1st pump and dump has happened. Are you able to tell? Certainly looks that way, although it is holding up better than most. I am looking to invest in a penny stock buy it was a little unclear to me if a penny stock with little cash was good or bad. Is a company with little cash best to invest in when hoping for a pump and dump?

How do you get the TMF line do you have to have a special broker for that? I get it through the free Incredible Charts software I posted a review on this blog. You should have a slightly different version, money flow, on most charting software which should do the trick almost as well too.

If you can see a Pump and Dump at or near the peak of its pump… is it advisable to grab a short position, assuming everything looks on script? Remember when you short you can theoretically loose an infinite amount — just not worth it in my opinion. What kind of online site can I go to to trade penny stocks?

What is a good site where I can set up a screener function to check for the TMF over several penny stocks? Is there such a site? I would imagine it would be too hard to hunt for individual penny stocks from all over then plug them in your TMF indicator. It there a site with all the tradable penny stocks in a list? I imagine the online US brokers will allow you to trade the pink sheets?

I may be late to the party here but I just read this article. I just want to say Thank You for writing this article because it has helped me tremendously in understanding.

I was wondering if you use R or Python to narrow down your search results because looking through thousands of stocks can be tedious. I have selected a few to follow to see how well my theory works before I invest, thanks a head of time.

I use a screener in the free software Incredible Charts to provide some options to invest, however I used to do a lot of reading regarding the sectors I wanted to be in and pick stocks from there.

What is the best way to identify a capital raise other than balance sheets and how could I find out if it is at a discount to share price? This is an awesome article! I do have one question though. How much money have you made on average with this strategy a year?

And how much money did you lose in your early years with it? I made most of my money on a few really big wins, and made sure I cut my losses early. If your holding a position based on this strategy and the TMF indicator begins to trend downwards, would you decide to sell at that point? Depends no a host of other factors — candlestick patterns including volume in particular.

Watch out for bearish short term patterns, and lots of volume distribution. But what does that mean? Some of the pump and dumps appear to last upwards of months. Yet, I hear of day-traders getting into penny stocks in the morning and getting out in the evening, and making profit. Do you ever short the pump-and-dumps? You could invest on the upward, and before it crashes, sell twice what you bought, making you profit upward, and setting you up to profit on the downside.