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An ISIS-inspired would-be suicide bomber set off a homemade explosive device at the Port Authority Bus Terminal subway station Monday morning, seriously wounding himself and injuring three others.

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The building is already overbuilt -- with no air rights -- and at no risk for becoming a high rise, glass office building, hotel or luxury apartment. Nancy just wants to insure the security of the Strand, giving her children the opportunity to become 4th generation owners. There is a public hearing on: Tuesday, December 4th at 9: Will you please join us on December 4th to show your support?

Strand tote in hand, your attendance is what will make this a success. To share this information with your friends, please use this link: While well-intended, landmarking the building will undermine the Strand, a place that is already considered a landmark by the community, and ultimately put in peril. Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you there. Posted by Jeremiah Moss at 1: Thursday, November 29, Bleecker Bob. Robert "Bleecker Bob" Plotnik has died. Academy Records wrote this farewell: I first got to know Bob and his wise cracking sarcasm as a teenager in the late 70s as I soiled my fingers flipping through his grimy reused record sleeves.

I also quickly learned that he loved an equal dose of sarcasm in return and our interactions were some of my first tastes of what it meant to be a real New Yorker. Catch ya on the B side. In , after 46 years in business, Bleecker Bob's closed , unable to pay the rent hike. While they discussed relocating , they never found a space and never reopened. MarkMelnick10 shared a photo of the goodbye sign on Twitter. I believe they own the building, but as they say "the retail climate has changed" and "small local stores keep losing ground to big corporate chains.

Since Amazon announced its controversial plan to move into Long Island City, Queens, New Yorkers have organized in force against the corporate tech giant.

The 12 Days of Christmas. Skyrocketing rents, No more local bookstores, Tech bro invasions," among other undesirable gifts. More events and actions are being planned by multiple activist groups.

Book Events Visit this page for information on upcoming book events. Follow on Twitter Follow jeremoss. Is gentrification good for the poor? Winter Wonderland Tree Tour 2: Haupt Conservatory Tour Haupt Conservatory Tour 2: Ross Conifer Arboretum Tour Winter Wonderland Tree Tour Bird Walks 11 a. Friday, February 1, Seeing Trees: The word "promise" was not spoken by either social workers or adoption attorneys. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit held that open records legislation in Tennessee and Oregon violated no rights of birth parents under respective state constitutions or the federal constitution.

Opponents of the new laws failed to produce any written promises of confidentiality. New York Assemblymember David Weprin was quickly able to see there was no legal confidentiality for birth mothers but, according to the Speaker's Counsel Jim Yates, there was intent in New York's sealed birth certificate law to give unwed mothers confidentiality.

Yates commented, in a meeting with advocates in Albany at the end of the legislative session, "We don't care about adult adoptee constitutional rights. Her videos can be viewed on Vimeo here. Link to her website: Rod Shinners is a member of our Albany lobby team and a father in search of a year-old born on Long Island.

The natural mother will not divulge the gender of the relinquished person. All he knows is the person was relinquished for adoption. Rod's search is difficult — if you know anyone 49 years old who resembles Rod, let us know! States giving adoptees the right to a non-certified copy of the original birth certificate with a contact preference option for birth parents: States with contact veto laws limited access: Inside America's underground market for adopted children, Reuters Investigates 5-part series , September 9, Adopted children must have right to contact with their birth families.

Disturbing news of medical research conducted on babies in the Irish Mother and Baby Homes. Bodies of dead babies were sent to the anatomy department of medical schools. Award-winning writer, adoptee and foundling Jeanette Winterson is interviewed on NPR about her life and latest work.

The Fallen Woman exhibition at London's Foundling Museum presents stories of women who surrendered their babies to the Foundling Hospital in their forthcoming autumn exhibition: Sept 25, through January 3, Help support the show: The Fallen Woman and read more at larahentz. We are a Pro Adoption Reform Organization.

Adoptees must be free from a law legalizing the falsification of permanent records. A bill signed by Governor Lehman in and enacted in which nullifies the inalienable and civil right of a person to know the actual facts of their birth and obtain a copy of their original birth certificate.

Governor Lehman signed the closed record law in July We are committed and dedicated to the cause of removing this outdated, unfair and discriminatory law. Adoptee David Phelps speaks out against discrimination against adoptees who deserve the inalienable right to know -- anything less is unacceptable.

At last they can obtain non-identifying information from the registry the same as adult adoptees born in the state. Secrecy and confidentiality were one and the same and not legally defined because they were social mores and not laws. Shame, secrecy and denial were social mores from the Victorian era that brought about the stigma of illegitimacy for both adoptees and for their mothers who were all too often manipulated into signing a surrender paper relinquishing their child for adoption.

Confidentiality was for the adoptive parents and not for the adoptee who professionals and everyone else knew would never search. Social workers never developed programs to help women cope with the stigma of illegitimacy because they felt these women deserved such stigma.

Neither were they informed that relinquishing their children would cause them lifelong grief and anguish. Women were not presented with options.

They were not considered upright, competent nor deserving enough to raise their own children. Many women signed a surrender paper stating that they would not interfere with the custody, control and management of said child. The word confidentiality was not in any surrender paper including mine. We were told over and over not to disrupt the adoptive home and to get on with our lives and forget our own children.

Professor Samuel's research findings are correct: Adoptees fared no better. Torn from their natural families, their social and genetic histories, they had their native identities made secret by the state and were given new identities and expected to adapt as best they could. This forced relinquishment and adoption has brought with it a host of problems for adoptees. By the s, many sought to begin to address the realities of their lives by searching, but were dissuaded by the negative stereo type of the birth mother as prostitute, low-life or gutter dweller who would take the adoptee down with her.

However the truth eventually showed itself and adoptees found their mothers were, quite often, the girl next door. She ends up with two families and the answers she needs to heal her life. Is your birth parent forthcoming with pertinent medical history?