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I love seeing them both treated the same and getting the same enjoyment from doing this. Eventually, the company began offering pro bono services to law enforcement agencies across the country. I find that as they get older, it gets easier.

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If you were browsing through this week’s Target ad you may have passed right over the adorable little boy in the bright orange shirt smiling at you on page 9! And if so, I’m glad! The reason I’m glad? Well, that stylish young man in the orange shirt is Ryan Langston. Ryan just so happened [ ].

This brings one of the largest sponsors in the league, especially for an expansion team making its debut appearance. The team also has an advantage of having a large, well-known hometown brand versus an entity outside the region, in addition to the financial benefits of such a large sponsor. Soccer Foundation to build new soccer play spaces by The team moved full-time into the rival Indy Racing League in , [] and won in its first year of full-time competition, with Scott Dixon.

Dixon won the championship again in The season marked the 20th anniversary of the Target race program. In , Franchitti won the Indianapolis He also won the series championship for the Target team, by five points over second-place finisher Will Power. Target started sponsoring stock cars in with Sterling Marlin when Chip Ganassi bought into the Felix Sabates stock car team.

In , Reed Sorenson took over the No. Sorenson drove the car through the season, and Target has also had some major sponsorship time on the Ganassi Racing No. The 40 team has since been shut down. For , the Target sponsorship moved to the No.

Kyle Larson took over the No. Target ended its association with IndyCar racing at the end of the season. Target owns the naming rights to the Target Center , an arena and Target Field , a ballpark, in Minneapolis. Target was the founding sponsor of the Weekend America radio program. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Retail chain in the United States. For the defunct Canadian subsidiary, see Target Canada. For the separate Australian company, see Target Australia. Target Corporation headquarters in Minneapolis. Harrison Senior VP and Controller. History of Target Corporation. This section contains content that is written like an advertisement. Please help improve it by removing promotional content and inappropriate external links , and by adding encyclopedic content written from a neutral point of view.

April Learn how and when to remove this template message. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Minnesota portal Companies portal. Form K Target Corporation". Securities and Exchange Commission.

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So many people are drawn to him. Great blog and article. Now we just have to get Australia Target on board!!! I agree with you, I love the idea of catching people and companies doing the right thing. I majored in Early Childhood Development in college, never realizing how much I would benefit 15 years later when my daughter was born with Ds. The one thing I took away from school more than anything is positive reinforcement and how it applies to more than infants and toddlers.

I am certainly not implying treating anyone like a child, juat that everyone, including major department stores, like to know they are doing the right thing! My daughter, Ella, is just shy of 21 months. She spends her days with her twin sister, Olivia, and her six year old brother, Dominic. The lights of my life! Is Olivia a motivator for Ella meaning that she tries to keep up with whatever she is doing? Last summer, when Target featured a model with DS, I wrote to the company and commended it for its inclusion.

I let them know what a huge boost they gave to our community by doing so. I have always loved target, now I love them alot more: Way to go folks, changing the world 1 ad at a time! I love this ad. I just keep on loving her and finding things like this to get me thru the harder days. I understand where you are coming from. I have been through the thoughts of doubt and discouragment.

But our children are special, and perfectly imperfect. My daughter will be 7 yrs old this month, and I had so many doubts when she was young. And I was worried and discouraged, but to look at my angelface now, she is just like all the other kids in her school,and is very popular. I now worry about when she gets older and wants to date, and when she goes to college. I wonder if I can deal with her leaving. But you are doing exactly what is right for her, just love her and accept her for who she is, a beautiful little girl.

I just wanted to let you know that I shared this story and your website with our community on Facebook. Thanks for all that you do! Nordstrom Catalogue last year used an adorable young man who happened to have DS too!

Very refreshing for a parent of a child with DS! If we are thinking of the same ad it is actually the same boy, he rocked out a bomber jacket. He has awesome style. Thank you Target what amazing thing you have Thank you people with disables only have then if we let them have disables. I am a Mom with a son that has disable but does his best to do as needed. Every one of us has talents, gifts, abilities, weaknesses, disabilities, etc. Down syndrome kids and adults are often the most loving and accepting, non-judgmental people, and our world would be a much better, happier place if everyone exhibited those qualities.

I am so glad Target is on board with the special needs community! I also wanted to let you know, I to will be sharing this story on my Facebook page Autism Creations.

Its great to see Noah just being a kid. The parents have to worry about the other stuff, he can just be himself and show that he is just as cute and wonderful as all the other kids in the world.. My son has Kabuki Syndrome… and he is often made to feel the odd one out.. My husband built came and told me about the ad so I wanted to come see the photo for myself. Keep doing your good work! A friend posted it on FB and I shared it with my frieds and one of them posted it to Twitter!

Who knows where it will go from there! I will def patronize Target more. I have been trying to emphasize to my little sis that God made her perfect the way she is! The show, Glee, feaures two characters who are differently abled without making an issue of it. Noah is a doll and litle Ryan is adorable! Inclusion is just that; including. Not highlighting or otherwise drawing attention to.

I commend Target and Nordstrom for their ads. My son, Nat, is 30 years old and my oldest child of six. He has always been involved with other kids from the start which has helped him to be extremely social with all. People just need exposure and to be given the opportunity to get to know them and see first hand how amazing they are. The fear of the unknown is what is the most scary.

My other five are better people because they have Nat as their brother. He truly has been the ultimate role model for all of them. It is wonderful to see corporations highlighting individuals with DS. My kids have been fortunate enough to know first hand how special people with DS are and the gifts they possess internally as well as externally. Now more people can be exposed to their magical joy for life.

Consider me a lifelong Target and Nordstrom shopper. Many many years ago Target used my niece, with Cerebral Palsy, in several of their ads. This is not new, but I am glad to see they are continuing. I think this is awesome and a great way to show that people with disabilities are no different from anyone else.

I hope that in the future store ads will continue to place all kinds of people with all kinds of disabilities and those who are not disabled together in their ads. This brought tears to my eyes. I am a grandmother raising my granddaughter who is down syndrome and love seeing how people and places include our kids as any other kids. That gives me hope for all those who are not quit sure how to deal with them, they will learn how.

These kids are hard to dress because they are not tall and skinny and I hope Target and all the other stores start carrying sizes for all. Thank you Noah mom and dad for being wonderful parents and showing all what wonderful kids they are. Love them even more now! That kid in the orange shirt is adorable! What an amazing story and an amazing observation. So glad to find this site.

My brother has Downs, and has to be the funniest person I know. They may learn differently and at a different pace, but they can learn and be a productive part of society. Thank you so much for sharing this. I have always loved Targer and being a Mommy to a beautiful little girl with Down Syndrome I love them even more now. Our children are very special. My daughter with DS is now 24 years old and she made a commercial when she was 13 years old that was televised nationwide.

Our choice for our daughter was to attend our local school and be fully included with supports. Everything was always a fight. Thank you target for showing that our children are people too.

My older brother, who is in a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy, was in a Target ad back in Yes its a great thing that was done here, but how much praise is needed for this?

Not knowing if any of the other kids in any other ad for any other company was born with a disability. Personally I am trying to raise my son not to use his disability to gain the special attention it can bring. This child IS different, pay attention to him. Do you know how awesome it is that Target did this? That makes me love the store even more! I, myself, have a disability…. Not down syndrome, but a traumatic brain injury. So, like Ryan, I live with mine everyday. But, praise be to God that they are advertising people like us with disabilities!

This is not the first time Target has used a child with DS in their ads. My 36 year old sister has DS, so my family notices others with DS all the time.

We only wish that Target and other retailers would do it more often. Also, if that is your little boy Noah with the Christmas lights I would like to say that is the cutest Christmas picture I have seen this year! His eyes are piercing!

Yep that is Noah. This is an awesome picture. My first and best year in education was in a life skills classroom with all different types of kids. We always treated them like people. Laughing with them and crying with them. Trips to the local store was always a blast!! I saw that ad. Good job target and thank you to Noahs parents to letting us all see your wonderful child. I am very glad to see this as well. I do not have a child with DS. I have 9 children with special needs this year and many more over the years.

I am a teacher of these wonderful children and they never cease to amaze me what they can and do understand and learn. Sure, they have struggles, but they face their struggles with the most positive attitudes and with big smiles. I wish I could face my struggles in such a positive way. This opens the door to much more acceptance within our entire school. Ads like this help to open that door as well. So far my two little ones seem ok, but I think my 4th 4yo is having some symptoms of what my 2nd and 3rd have.

I totally agree, my son does not have down syndrome but he has interstitial lung disease and has been wearing oxygen for over 5 years now. I would be so excited if some day Target or another large retailer would be willing to put in their ad a child wearing oxygen tubing. It would put a huge grin on my face! Was so happy when I came across this article on Facebook. My best friend when I was much younger was a beautiful girl named Jessica. She had Down Syndrome. We played tennis together, and had so much fun..

At first I was hesitant,not really understanding why she was different than me. However as I got to know her better, I looked forward to the times that we would have together. Sneaking away from our tennis lessons to grab some candy from the snack bar.. She always greeted me with a bear hug and a kiss.. Thank you for these amazing stories of beautiful children.. They are truly amazing…. It is amazing, but I still applaud pampers above all as they were the first to step out and go above and beyond to show their support for special needs.

Now since then it seems like everyone else is now joining the wonderful act of treating them like e everyone else! Not only for posting about this advertisement from Target but for the hopes and dreams and love you have for your own child. While my son was not born with the extra chromosome that causes Downs syndrome, he was born with a disorder that does have some serious implications.

I love that Target and Nordstrom would do this! My daughter Desiray is 8 years old and has DS. Thanks for sharing this! Thanks for the kind words….. But — as people have said here — this is the way inclusion should work. I have a 19 yr. Old son that im raising that also has ds….

Thank you so much for posting this. I have only just come across your blog through a friend reposting this on their facebook. I will be passing the link out to my family members as I have a nephew who is the absolute light of my life!

I was linked to here through a friend on facebook. I wish that more companies would include children with special needs in their advertising as well. Heck, maybe when other companies see how this ad has gone viral with everyone so happy about such an inclusion, they will start doing it as well.

I also blogged about your post here. Your son is beautiful, bright and full of life. Thank you for sharing this. My daughter is also special needs. She is delayed in her development and has low muscle tone. She is almost 4 and some of her abilities are at age level, where others are not.

It is so frustrating sometimes but we have learned to accept our beautiful, vibrant little girl. So thank you again. Jen, I am interested in your message. I also have a son with low muscle tone and developmental delays. He is six years old. He has many struggles and challenges, and we continue to try to figure out how we can best help him. It is difficult to have a child who looks normal, but still has challenges!

I have a son with severe cerebral palsy. Let me tell you how cute my kiddo is when he wears a french collar shirt and tie! I love Target and this gives me one more reason to shop there! Thanks for the great post. Thank you for posting this wonderful ad! My son is now eleven years old and he is my angel boy. He spreads love and joy wherever he goes. I have seen Toys R Us use differently-abled children in their advertising, not just in the differently-abled catalog.

This warmed my heart years ago when my child was first born. That little man jumped right out at me when I was looking at the Target ad Sunday! I was just introduced to your blog this morning. I completely agree with you that the strongest statement is made by Target not saying anything at all. I love what Target is doing and yes your son is cute but it does concern me that you are stringing Christmas lights on him.

You should have seen the pictures we took of him in the bathtub wearing the lights. They were really awesome! He was very safe the entire time. Thanks for being concerned though.

You can trust we would never put this little guy in danger. I must say, I am very impressed with your blog. My mom and I have been in tears all morning reading your thoughts and experiences.

A year ago our baby girl was born. She was born with Down Syndrome. I felt the many emotions each parent feels when they receive this news but more then any other emotion, I felt fear.

Simply, a fear of the unknown. As parents that share this rare but common interest, we have all felt this. Not knowing how this little thing called Down Syndrome will effect this perfect little spirit in such a mean mean MEAN world. A privilege and a gift that is only given to us parents. I have felt more joy than I ever thought I would. Everywhere we go, she puts a smile on so many faces.

I would love to keep in touch. Look at what an impact you are making, even in the marketing community. Born a generation or two before your son. When he was born my parents were told to institutionalize him. This entry shocked me by making me cry, really cry. I think it hit a very sensitive spot with me. Thank you so much for writing about that Target ad. My older brother, while not Downs, has a series of issues including cerebral palsy and autism, and I remember a number of incidents when we were kids when other people were unkind because of his apparent issues.

It broke my heart to see my brother harassed or ignored, and it feels like an important point in history to see a fuller spectrum of people in something so simple as a Target ad.

Thanks so much for creating this blog — it is fantastic. I have been a teacher for 12 years and started my career working with children with Down syndrome. While it was a surprise to my husband and I — we both new that it was definitely meant to be — and have not waivered once. We cannot imagine our lives without Sydney named after her Great Grandfather — she has brought a huge amount of joy to all our friends and family.

She also will bring a huge amount of knowledge, information and experience to those around her. Unfortunately in Canada we do not have any Target stores yet — hopefully soon. I look forward to reading more about Noah — I started something similar on my Facebook page — just with letters to everyone about her progress and our lives etc.

She has three holes in her heart and a leaking valve — so we are hopeful that the heart has not grown and that they will be able to wait for the surgery until she is two.

Keep your fingers crossed. Finally, I have to say it, Jennifer in regards to your comment above about the Christmas Lights give me a break. Do you really think he was in any danger at all? With parent leaders like you we will all learn to better appreciate the gifts that each child has, and has to offer.

Our job as parents and as a society is to shower all our children with love that eventually will flow back to make our society much better.

I am a mother of a four-year old cutest little girl who has Down Syndrome. Take care and may God bless you, Noah and your family always.

First, your son is adorable. As a mother of 3 boys with special needs, I think it is great what Target did!! Soo many special needs kids get left out of things. I think it is absolutely awesome that Target did this ad! I would love to see some people with normal which in America means somewhat overweight body types. A miracle of life and love and a blessing to all who know and love her.

Target is taking no risk here and if they are making a statement, they are whispering it, very softly, into the ears of parents who wish to hear it.

But see it for what it is: I came to your blog by way of a link on FB…have just been reading through some of your archives. Oh, how I wish all children had fathers as devoted and loving as you!

This world would be a much sweeter place. PS — Your little guy is adorable. Great job to you and to Target!

I agree that familiarizing the world with the abilities of our kids with designer genes is definitely the way to go. My 5 year old son with Trisomy 21 brought me to the conclusion that EVERY family should be so blessed as to have a child with Trisomy 21!

Please visit my blog listed above and our facebook page Trisomy 21 Overcomers. Thank you so much for sharing this story and for your blog in general. My husband and I had our 5th child 23 days before your sweet Noah was born.

We knew prenatally that she had Ds. It was a hard summer leading up to her birth. My sweet angel is now the love of ALL our lives. Thanks again for your blog and God bless your family.

Samantha Lauren Martin, June 4, — December 3, Reading this reminded me of how there is a couple whose daughter has spinal bifida. They bring heer shopping where I work. I heard a lady make a terrible comment. The soul is no less perfect in a body that does not function neurotpyically.

And, children with developmental or medical diverstiy certainly do know; often much more than what their bodies may be able to say outwardly, but it is up to us to listen.

I would like to print this on a poster and put it on my wall. Velvet I wish I could expess myself as you do. Thank you and i hope you are putting your God giving talent to good use,. What a cute little boy you have. He is the oldest of nine kids. Just imagine how it was, over 60 years ago, to have a DS child! My brother is a charter member of the Special Olympics in IL and has participated every year. He has been a joy to my family. Even my kids, who are now all young adults, are glad he is in our family.

By the way, his name is Patrick. He loves to bowl and lift weights. He is very spoiled by our large family. We all love him very much. I absolutely adore this post. Those with special needs are still human and still function as a human does. They are amazing and wonderful just like God made them to be. I am so happy to see all of the traffic you have received in the last day or so. Thank you so much for this blog. As I said in my comment yesterday, my 16 year old brother JJ has Downs Syndrome, and has been an inspiration to me since he was born.

He is an amazing musician, athlete and all around great kid. He is running in the upcoming Miami marathon to benefit the National Jewish Council for Disabilities NJCD aka Yachad which is an organization dedicated to addressing the needs of all individuals with disabilities and including them in the overall Jewish community. They are a great organization that means a lot to my brother and my family. They bring children and adults with disabilities together with those without.

All monies raised will go directly to help those with disabilities attend their weekend and summer programs and an array of other activities. Like Noah, Nathan too was born with Down Syndrome. I thought you should know that this post made it to my facebook wall via a friend from the United Kingdom. She received it as a post to her wall and knew it was something I would love to see!!! I was a devoted Target shopper before but you better believe they have my full support now….

Just wanted to let you know that the message is getting out!!!! Thanks for the shout out for DS!!!!!!!! We are all Down for Target and Down for our kids too!!!! This add is wonderful. Our kids are super special and should be shown in all things. My daughter recently did a commercial for Make a Wish and soo many people thought it was great and complimented her. What you say, resonates so loudly with all of us with special needs children. We just want our kids to fit in and not have to stand out.

Target spoke loudly, by not speaking at all. Amazing in this time and day and age. As the parent of a downs child myself I thinm its fantastic that target was thoughtful and smart enough to include a special needs model, it will help the rest of the world see what we already know that this group of people are no different than anyone else.

I firmly believe that if the world hwd more people like them it would be a much better place. When she was born she was floppy, had the huge tongue, those unmistakable DS eyes, pretty non responsive most of the time. Heart stuff, joint X-Rays, lots of scary times. My reason for posting here is this. In other words, we have always had the same expectations of her as our other 3 kids with some consideration, of course.

I guess my message is twofold. Please feel free to call me I have a grandson, Jace, that will be 4 in April. When my daughter got pregnant she was not quite Their doctor said the 2 that miscarry usually have DS. Thank the Lord they refused!! I cannot imagine life without little Jace! He has been such an inspiration to our entire family. God definitely does NOT make mistakes!

Thank you for sharing!! When I saw this ad, I truly noticed nothing out of the ordinary. I skimmed over the kid just as I skimmed over the 4 to his right, thus treating him exactly like the other kids. Okay, for the record, yes I can recognize the characteristic facial features of someone with Down syndrome. My point was, I never took the time to look until you said something. Again, I never would have noticed he had Down syndrome from that picture.

I am sorry there are people in this world who would treat him differently. But to me he looks like any other baby. Josh is a cashier at the Murfreesboro, TN Target. Josh is a young man with DS. My hope is that one day ALL children with disabilities no matter what they are are accepted and a child not pitied or treated differently!

My DS son is 32 years old. Thak you, Target, for honoring DS individuals by not calling attention to their differences. They are still people and deserve respect. What a great story and what a joy Noah must be. My 28 year old son Robert was born with Down Syndrome, dense cataracts and a major heart defect. In Special Olympics he bowls, plays basketball, runs the and among other sports. Mostly he keeps his entire family on track for seeing the best side of life.

He works at a nursing home and takes public transportation — even transferring between buses. My son is My email address is josowiecki yahoo. Our daughter, Dayle, is 23 months and like most kids mentioned in the comments, she has DS. Since the day she was born, she has been an absolute joy. Unlike some others, we have hit the health lottery with our little Didi. I was a Target fan all along, things like this, make me a bigger one! I have never seen your blog before a friend shared this post on her facebook , but I am definitely going to start following you!

This ad makes me so happy… I love that Target is doing what few other retailers or companies are! Our local Target has a young man with DS who has worked at a register for a couple years. He is very capable of ringing people up and checking them out, and everytime I shop there it just makes my heart happy to see him working at a place that encourages him! Thanks for you post and for your blog! I would love to get the address that you sent your response to Target. This article made me smile so big!!

I have a 9 year old precious daughter with Down Syndrome, and any time we see a child with DS on TV, in print, etc…it brings us such joy. I would love to send a letter to Target thanking them for this!

Really glad I found your blog today! I, too, think this ad is wonderful. However, it is just that—an advertisement. Perhaps Target did intentionally include this cutie pie for upstanding and respectable reasons but we must know that they, indeed, were hoping to win more customers—that is what advertising is for.

I do not have a child with Down Syndrome but my 6-year-old niece has Speech Apraxia and was just placed on the autism spectrum. Yet, her needs are quite significant. The whole incident takes up about half a chapter. This could have been fleshed out more and made the story much more enjoyable. It must have been ghost written by someone else!

Someone who can write simple, believable scenes - like when two characters have a conversation with each other.

I didn't get much done around the house recently, since I began reading this Will Robie novel. I just could not put it down and when I did, I could not wait to get back to it. This story has action and excitement from the beginning to the end.

Like the movie, "Interview", in this story the U. Of course they call on the team of Will Robie and Jessica Reel, America's best assassins, to accomplish it's goal as together Robie and Reel and more than twice as good. All that I can tell you is that nothing goes as planned. I the middle of all this Jessica is summoned to the beside of rer dying father who is on death row in prison. David Baldacci is such a gifted writer and story teller that he easily combines three and four story into one intriguing novel.

The author skillfully tells the story of the life a skilled North Korean female assassin, Chung-Cha wherein the reader is exposed to life in the most closed society in the world. You will be surprised how the author skillfully put this all together.

I certainly was and I equally enjoyed the human compassion throughout the story. I have to give this book 5 stars but really could have given it more if it had been available. I highly recommend this book if you like thrillers that hold you in their gripe till the end. You should read the first two books to really understand what happened before this to get the full meaning of this one. I am happy to have found David Baldacci and Will Robie and Reel because they are very believable characters in unbelievable circumstances that pull off extraordinary adventures.

This was the last newly published book I read before my trusty Kindle quit and died after 4-years of service. Maybe it was too much excitement! There are several neat elements that come together in "The Target" to make it great.

First Roble and Jessica Reel return to work together in their own peculiar way. Is it love or just competition? Then we get an excellent insight into the lives of ordinary citizens of North Korea. Then we observe Robie and Reel being "tested" by their own superiors where the water-boarding exceeds "standards" even as set by the deluded US agent who brought it recently back into use as an interrogation tool by US agencies.

There is a mission for practice inside North Korea which would be a "mission impossible" by itself were it not for the remarkable luck with which Reel saves Robie's bacon again. Then in the end, we have Robie and Reel babysitting the President's children while they are under attack by North Korea's best operatives. The ending is on a par with the rest of the book: This is a long book but you will have trouble putting it down when you have to take a break.

I found it necessary to read the last 15 pages over twice to be sure I got every detail. I guess I was spoiled by the first two books in the Will Robie series but, in this case I struggled to get connected. Given that North Korea has moved to the front pages these days the detailed look at life there and the paranoia that the government has encouraged makes it easier to understand both their missile and nuke programs. Perhaps a more thoughtful approach would work better than matching their rhetoric..

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