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The brothers suffering with handling issues during the first loop after a suspension bolt came loose.

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Looking back at our free start politics, we think every FIRC team who registered in the past years has won or was given a free start now. Quite a good return on investment we think. Final words for With the calendar published, we can look forward to FIRC Undoubtedly the 7th edition of FIRC was the most succesful so far.

After a continuous growth troughout the years, we suddenly saw the Challenge exploding, with some events having 30 foreign guests, mostly good for a quarter of the seeding list. We have to go back several decades to see such numbers in Belgium, and even then they only appeared in some national events. The FIRC recipe will not change much in , it will only get better. With more events to chose from, teams can spread their efforts more evenly troughout the year. And talking about teams, we expect even more next season, again.

This promises a lot for the title battle, especially with an updated class system. The Challenge was undoubtedly the most nerve racking edition so far, with three titles decided after the last stage of the last rally! No one really doubts we should see an identical scenario in FIRC 8. To make stuff even more interesting, we have seen the birth of two new Challenges for next year that are both related with FIRC. In the mean time, we wish you many happy hours in the workshop and in between a Marry Christmas and a happy New Year, see you soon!

Unique result for Coulson in Kortrijk. FIRC traditionally gets decided in the last event. But they also won the overall title on Rally Kortrijk completing a unique result for the brothers. However it was quite a surprise to see that the 4x4 title was also decided when Kortrijk entries closed.

With Smith no longer a threat to Ellis, ment that the ever ambitious TI Team now could go on the full attack and aim for a top ten result, not the easiest target in a field with ten R5 and three WRC cars, plus a lot of experienced locals in other quick metal of all kinds.

Many Belgians drivers who witnessed their performance were speechless. This year every rally had its surprise ad it happened again! He shows great promise for Gavin Smith finished his season in style by taking second in the 4x4 category but next year there will be something new.

Gavin will drive in the historic class in a smart Delta Integrale. We look forward to seeing this very rare car on our roads. With both 2wd and 4x4 titles already decided, all the attention went to the Historic field where some drama was expected between Andrew Thomson and Richard Williams.

One little mistake would ruin their chances, not ideal for the nerves in these very tricky circumstances. Both teams had a troublefree event though, but only on the very last stage it came clear that Ricky Williams would take the title again. Only one point seperated the pair with Thompson the first to congratulate his opponent. This is the smallest margin ever recorded in FIRC too.

Ben Dawson put in another strong performanc. He beat Williams and all the Belgians in his class! Same story for Les Allfrey who also claimed the general class win, his second this year doing this. Guest driver Tim Mewett showed equel speed too. The only historic victim was Mike Smith, whose car caught fire in the service park, nothing really bad but the heat caused too much damage to the wiring. The biggest smiles came from the 2WD drivers. Also Dutchman Van Middendorp finally managed to finish a rally without trouble.

The happiest crew was, of course were Dave and John Coulson, who also took the overall FIRC title, the first time in seven years that a team achieved this. No one even came near before, but on their maiden year the bruvs did it, dominating FIRC from the beginning. Never seen this before! Still a couple of teams were less fortunate, but their adventures can be classified as typically Belgian.

Guest driver Steven Finch parked his Escort on a pole and Philip Smith visited a ditch, this happens to everyone sooner or later. However the most cruel retirement went to Robert Richards, his steering rack collapsed while driving off the podium on Sunday morning. Looking back on , we believe this has been the most succesfull year so far.

Many competitors, loads of fans and very good competitionthat was tense to the end. No less than 26 teams registered, and loads of guest drivers too. We assume FIRC has come to a turning point now.

Where it once all started as a friendly initiative, only meant for a handful of teams, the Challenge has become so big and popular now we will have to double our efforts for We already got many new teams confirmed for next year, while our regulars obviously are stuck with the virus and will continue to do the Challenge.

But we also get more support from everyone else around, so the future looks very good. We are ready, you are too, and you can be sure we will do everything to maintain the atmosphere as it is now, no matter how many crews come over in and we expect many more, again. We will only take a very short break or possibly none this winter, so keep a close eye to our Facebookpage, there is a lot more new stuff coming to keep you hooked.

Hemicuda for King Ellis. With a great indian summer weekend and 28 international teams at the start, Hemicuda looked to be perfect before the start.

However a perfect start was not really the case for several crews. Gavin Smith had to spectate after an accident during recce and guest star Hans Weijs did not even make it to the first stage with a broken driveshaft. One kilometer further Martin De Vere-Packford was forced to retire as well More steam was to come when David Dockree went on stage and saw his engine explode.

No further issues came after leg one, and we saw Johnnie Ellis storming to the lead in Modern 4x4 and even taking 3rd place overall, followed by David Campling and Tony Clements who stayed within secs during the whole event.

The BMW crew took no risks with the title in mind so the unofficial victory went to Thomas, all the points were secured by the Coulsons again. More smiling brothers, named Gibson, took a great 2nd place in 2WD, before Garry Elswood who still remains in the title run. John Wood was forced to park his broken Escort, but Stephen Brown had a faultless run after his early adventure and took some nice class points.

In Historic we saw another perfect run from Richard Williams, winning with only a coupe of seconds on Ben and Mike Dawson who saw their great pace just not rewarded. Les Allfrey came very unusually last in class but a long stay in a ditch is a good excuse in Flanders. Every rally has a surprise this year, and Hemicuda even has two.

We expected Johnnie Ellis to be very quick, but beating several local specialists with similar material in their own backyard, even with only 2WD on the last leg, is nothing but spectacular. Another surprise was the action displayed by guest drivers Mark Jones and Jonathan Hawkins in their M3. Being new in Belgium, we did not know the men were total lunatics. On full attack modus everywhere and all the time, taking all possible risks on unknown territory, everyone expected them to land hard in a ditch rather sooner than later.

They came 10th overall Can someone convince them to come over more often and give driving lessons to some members of the M3 army in Belgium? Pointswise it still looks very interesting with one event to go. All the pressure is now with the Coulson brothers. If they do what they did the whole season, they will easily catch both 2WD and the general title.

But if the sport gets cruel, Garry Elswood or Richard Williams will. One thing is for sure, no modern 4x4 will clinch the title this year, unprecedented!

Kortrijk will be a thriller! We hope to meet many, and you know where to score Belgian beer too! Countdown for FIRC finals. Two rounds remain in FIRC 7 and everything is still possible. We can all agree that this season is the most exciting one so far. However, we never had so many teams with realistic chances on a title in all classes.

Being one of the most experienced teams in FIRC, driving a top car and without resistance from regulars on an equal pace like Tony Clements or Alex Taylor, it all did not look to good for the tension in the Challenge, but a couple of unfortunate events for the Cosworth team mixed it all up. In their maiden year, John and David Coulson took a strong lead overall and certainly in 2WD so far, with nothing but class wins in all the events they took the start. But missing out Les Boucles Chevrotines with its crazy result came unexpectedly costly.

Garry Elswood claimed the maximum points score there and took a major leap forward in the standings. One DNF can now be enough for both to loose the title, so there will be some pressure on their shoulders in the two remaining events. But we all remember what happened in Chevrotines Same story in Historic where Richard Williams and Andrew Thomson seem to have the best chance on a title, but Martin Jones, Ben Dawson, Paul Griffiths and even Richard Leggett can do a great deal if something does not go as planned for the two top teams.

In Modern 4x4 finally, we can expect anything. With only four teams in this class the title should go to Tony Clements or newcomer John Ellis, but David Campling still has a realistic chance too, or Allan Smith, or Gavin Smith if some luck is on their side.

However the teams in this class now have to score a lot of points trying to catch up on some 2WD and Historic cars, so it could well be we have a surprising name at the top standings in about two months. First we have to see what happens in Hemicuda where no mistakes will be permitted.

See you soon in and around Koekelare! Only Elswood survives Chevrotines. A warm welcome by very enthusiastic organisers, smooth document control, easy scrutineering and above all superfantastic stages, resulted in nothing but happy people in Sivry-Rance and its great countryside for Les Boucles Chevrotines, bienvenue aux Anglais! But that was on Saturday Once the action started, it became clear very quickly that the stages were very demanding for man and machines. First victim was Barney Lower who could not solve a major brake problem despite all the help offered we thank Juha Bos for his efforts by the local teams.

By the time the event started Barney and Ben were already back in the UK. Andy Thomson set off like a rocket as expected, but a puncture on SS1 cooled him down a bit. However, their pace was up and the Cosworth crew settled easily in the top ten, and could realistically aim for a top five until the throttle cable decided to refuse all duty and forced the team to give up. Robert Richards struggled with fuel problems.

Ben Howlett and Garry Elswood had enjoyed a trouble free run thus far, but David Dockree saw his horses become donkeys one by one, and finally also had to retire with a blown head gasquet.

The last leg saw more victims with Rob Richards retiring with a broken driveshaft covered in fuel perfume and Bill Cook ending up in a ditch, sadly on a turn without spectators. In the meantime, guest drivers like Ben and Simon Howlett were finishing strongly in the top ten, while Marty Mc Cormack and Darren Moon took one-two in historic, beating local specialist Christophe Jacob; also a familiar name in the UK. However, no-one could threaten Garry Elswood who avoided all traps and had a trouble free run troughout the day.

His experience on similar stages in the past clearly paid off and his reward was a superb maximum points score, which saw him storm trough the classification. This year every rally had a surprise, and Chevrotines is no exception with only one registered driver finishing, this has never happened before. Road connections to the area are very good and everyone doing the rally was very positive without any exception, describing the rally as one of the most laid back events they had ever seen.

Ellis confirms in TBR. This report is also a bit delayed, just like the event. Reason for this is the overall classification that arrived a bit late, we apologise for that. Despite being the only single venue event on the calendar, we still saw a good turnout with nearly 20 teams in a fully booked Rallysprint. Once everything was put together, Johnnie Ellis stormed to victory in Modern 4x4 and took an impressive 6th overall too.

Seems like every rally this year has a surprise While the quickest and the slowest cars had a rather relaxed run, battle in 2WD was huge. No less than 15 cars gave al they could, with only one victim. The quickest man around was undoubtedly Andy Egger who pushed his Nova to the limits, directly followed by John Legg and Martin De Vere-Packford who both made a great comeback, while John Coulson confirmed his pace again.

Barney Lower could have ended a lot higher in the classification but he enjoyed the slippery tarmac too much and decided to go sideways everywhere. More interesting stuff is to come in three weeks where we expect a rather quiet event, however no one doubts the points standings will be very interesting after Chevrotines.

Despite being a single venue event, we still see a nice line up with 17 UK drivers and a handful of Dutch teams too. Also Boucles Chevrotines has entries rushing in now, it promises to be a hot summer for the Challenge. The results could be very interesting too! TBR and Boucles Chevrotines update. As mentioned on Facebook, bookings for both events are open. Great Clements comeback in Wervik. Woodstoxx Rally Wervik showed a second record braking entry for FIRC with 36 international teams booked on a total of no less than teams!

Despite this great figures we still missed a couple of favourites. In these circumstances Andrew Thomson could do a great deal in the Challenge if he kept the same pace he showed in the opening event, but new names like Johnnie Ellis, John Wood, Stephen Stringer, David Dockree and guest driver John Indri in his Fiesta R5 could perform very well too, also Champion Tony Clements reappeared after his monster crash last year, so no doubt an interesting rally was under construction. The first incident already occurred in SS2 when Andy Thomson decided to pay respect to the local traditions and ditched his Sapphire, remodelling a garden and trashing a wall included.

Ellis adapted surprisingly quick to the stages and took a firm lead while Clements settled in second position, waiting for things to come regarding the weather forecast. Indri joined their company too, discovering the Belgian stages while avoiding too many risks, R5cars do not come cheap and John does not do the Challenge anyway.

Wervik is known to be a very hard rally, so it did not take long before we had more casualties. Les Allfrey joined the ditch club, Gavin Smitch had electronical iussues, Pat Anderson saw his engine go, Stephen Stringer his gearbox and the fast Martin Jones got excluded due to a time penalty. The Belgian crews had similar adventures so still everything went relatively well, until a thunderstorm decided to join into the rally.

Stages immediately changed in ice skating rinks, the main victim of those slippery circumstances was Johnnie Ellis who met a typical local booby trap called mud. The Subaru parked itself in a ditch, ending only some meters behing local star Victorien Heuninck.

No matter what the spectators tried, both cars stayed stuck and got the stage cancelled later. A very impressive 7th! Then Tony Clements, very experienced in Belgum, saw his chance and easily claimed victory after a faultless run in very tricky conditions. Speed is one thing, strategy another. Same story for John Indri who saw an intelligent rally rewarded with the 11th overall position and an unofficial 2nd FIRC, pretty cool for a return in Belgium after some 20 years break.

Our other guest drivers Jamie Brown and David Wood easily made the top 20 as well. In 2WD class no one could threaten Dave and John Coulson, who dominated their class and took a second victory in a row in their first Belgian season, very impressive.

David Dockree, another one of many new names this year, had to retire his Vauxhall Lotus Sunbeam with gearbox troubles but sureley the crew had great fun on the stages and afterwards.

Philip and Robert Smith claimed the last FIRC spot but being new in Belgium a ditch waved them in as well, traditions are there to be respected but still we should see them back in Chevrotines in August. In the Historic class only two cars made it to the finish.

Richad Williams proved his pace once again and was never threatened for victory, while Ben and Mike Dawson claimed a great second place after their early retirement in ORC and took important points for the Challenge. Historics and 2WD rule now.

The lonely 4x4 is the one of Tony Clements, who actually only registered to support the Challenge thanks Tony! With TBR and Chevrotines to come, we expect a smaller but very mixed turnout on both events, so it all looks very interesting for the Challenge standings! Anyone can still register this summer and still have realistic hopes on a title, how cool is that?

Preview Woodstoxx Wervik Rally. With 7 R5 cars on the entry list, this event nearly looks like a national rally. FIRC is very proud to present John Indri with his Fiesta R5, the biggest name we catched so far, sure the man will have good competition from the Belgians. Sadly enough title favourites Dave Campling and James Ducker will be there to spectate only.

The powerplant needs a total rebuild, the Escort will unfortunately only be back for Hemicuda. The weather forecast looks quite ok, but the extensive rain we had the last few days may well cause some muddy corners, so the more experienced teams can take advantage of that. Great comeback for Thomson in ORC. Nearly fully booked with cars, many top machines, good weather and no less than 27 FIRC drivers booked in, a new record.

The serious work started on Saturday with scrutineering and already there we saw a first victim. The new teams all passed, despite the fact that several cars were not entirely ok according to VAS regulations. However it was all about minor stuff, VAS will publish a bulletin soon to clear out some things, we will keep you informed.

Unfortunately the Irish Evo was forced to retire after SS1 with a broken gearbox. This was good news for David Campling, who no longer had direct rivals left now since Andrew Thomson struggled with electricity and brake problems on the first leg.

From the second leg onwards, the cars got kinder for their drivers and we saw some good battles developing. Historic class saw a serious upgrade this year with newcomers Paul Griffiths and Martin Jones who immediately attacked Historic Champion Richard Williams. This bunch of three went very quick and sideways, much admired by the many spectators around, also the local drivers were very impressed by their stage times.

Les Allfrey, back from a sabbatical, would even take the overall class win, still pretty exceptional. While David Campling drove in his own world in Modern 4x4, there was a serious fight going on in 2WD class. A bit further in the field there was good action between the 2WD Champ Garry Elswood and the very quick newcomers Barney Lower in a virtually standard!

The biggest attack troughout the rally came undoubtedly from Andy Thomson. All the troubles got solved after the first leg and the selfmade Sierra stormed through the field.

For the first time ever in FIRC, a Historic car takes the overall victory, never seen before and the sixth place in general Historic was a plus too with nearly fifty cars at the start. With a very disappointed Campling out of the rally, it looked like regular Allan Smith would take his first and much deserved win in Modern 4x4, however a broken cluth forced the Subaru to retire too, same story for van Middendorp who had gearbox issues.

Looking back at this first event, we can all be very happy. As always there were mechanical nightmares for some teams, but everyone drove quick and carefully, so no crashes for our guests. Maybe the Historic Escort boys drove a bit less careful but they made a great impression, the Coulson brothers took an impressive win on their debut, the new teams all show good pace and coped well with the stages and the pacenotes, also some friendships with Belgian crews are already established.

Most of the teams do four events so this looks very interesting for the Challenge point standings this year. Wervik is approaching quickly now, with entries the rally is already fully booked showing good quality: With 24 British and more French and Dutch drivers teams the international line up counts no less than 36 teams, again a quarter of the field!

See you soon at this great event. FIRC 7 kicks off in style this year. Our first two events both have a record breaking entry of foreign teams: We never had such a massive entry so far, ORC mainly attracts UK drivers who represent nearly a quarter of the entry list, while Wervik traditionally attracts a good entry from French and Dutch teams too.

Many UK teams still have to book for Wervik so it could well be we go to 40 foreign entries. To make things even better, we have a vast number of new names who confirmed to do a couple of occasional events to check out how it all works over here, mainly to plan the season. This means we are very confident about the future of FIRC. Cool for a litlle championship that once started with 10 cars ORC Canal Rally is nearly fully booked , also Wervik will get a massive entry so we can start the new season in the very best circumstances, both for drivers and spectators.

We still have to wait a couple of months before FIRC 7 kicks off, but we already have an idea what the Challenge will offer. ORC Canal Rally does not plan any changes to the stage layout so the rally will look very familiar to our regulars. However Wervik Rally will see some major changes to several stages so good recce will be very important.

More of the same for TBR Rallysprint wich will be entirely new to everyone, we hear the Oekene SS will be very challenging including some very tricky corners. More tricky stuff will be offered at Boucles Chevrotines, our new event for this year. No doubt a talented navi will be of great importance in this very fast rally, full of blind turns and tops on stages that have a very different caracter than those in Flanders. Later in the season, Hemicuda will keep its usual stage layout but this can not be said from Kortrijk.

Keep a regular eye to our Facebook page for the latest news on events and regulations. A new year, a very new season! Last year ended maybe in a way the whole season went, unfortunately with another unexpected surprise. TBR Rally decided to become a sprint, more or less forced to by the local politics who thought that two rallies TBR and Omloop van Vlaanderen in the same area were a bit too much. Luckily a quick survey learnt that most of the regulars liked the stages, so we decided to keep the event in FIRC, just with less points to score since a sprint is not a full rally.

Still all of us wanted five full rallies, but without good opportunities left in Flanders, the noses were pointed towards the southern direction: Many drivers asked us the past couple of years wether there could be an option towards the French speaking bit of Belgium, now there we are: Although the roads are similar, the geography is pretty different compared with Flanders, see how the teams cope with it.

The following days the site will be fully updated with the new contacts and the geographical indications. Further on, as we already posted on our Facebookpage, we warmly welcome the efforts of Val Thomson and Neil Dodd, who volunteered to become our FIRC ambassadors towards UK crews, who might have questions about the practical bit of rallying in Belgium. Just mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Geert came with the idea to group as many FIRC teams as possible in the servicepark to share efforts and make life easier and nicer during and after the rally, to join in mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. Without any doubt FIRC 7 will be fantastic! The past years in FIRC were pretty nice to drivers and spectators. It all started with ORC Canal Rally who saw its first rain in nine yeras of organising and that was new for everyone.

Accidents everywhere and the FIRC squad did their bit too. Tony Clements made a massive rollover and little time later Chris Peart finished his Nova on a post, all in the first leg. Then Anthony Darou dived into a house on the last leg Three quick cars written off in a rally that ended in total chaos with incidents everywhere all the time. All was sorted pretty quickly but it showed again how hard rallying can be in Belgium.

Main victim was Alex Taylor who went off no less than four times but still managed to finish the event, while Andy Dawe took general and 2WD, and not for the first time. However the season would end the way it started. Torrential rain, ice cold winds and even snow tortured men and machines in a soaked Kortrijk Rally. The countless number of crashes forced the organisers to end the rally with two stages to go, with Andy Dawe clinching the double again!

Rookie Richard Williams became the much deserved Historic Champion in his debut year, winning all the events he took part in. Further on we enjoyed the smart Alfa GTV debut of Richard Leggett, the pace David Campling, Gavin Smith and the Gibson brothers developed troughout the season and all our regular competitors enjoying themselves once again on the tricky Belgian roads.

Hopefully will cause less havoc! Dawe takes second double in Kortrijk. This was without any doubt the coldest and wettest rally in six years of FIRC. Many could not believe their eyes when they saw snow on Saturday morning, followed by rain the during whole weekend, unfortunately the freezing wind was just not strong enough to blow the clouds. Despite the arctic conditions a surprisingly huge amount of spectators faced the elements, rally fans really are a brave special breed!

Off course the heavy rain turned the stages into mud skating rinks causing uncountable spins and offs, but the most unfortunate guys were Chris Peart and Steve Lancaster who traveled the whole end from Hull overnight, arrived late, tired and stressed Garry Elswood then was the first victim in action when his Saxo lost all power on the second showstage on Saturday.

However, the 2 points startbonus ensured him of the 2WD title, very much deserved after five years of competing in FIRC. Disaster would strike to the Forester however, a blown engine ruined all the efforts and possibly the next season as well since this bill will not come cheap.

A busy schedule for will not help Alex either. Campling then took the lead but was also forced to retire with a broken driveshaft even causing a minor fire, but the home made Flemish stew offered by some local residents while awaiting recovery made David and Jim feel a lot better, the damage is not too bad either. Gavin Smith ended on the second place after having lost time in the dark with serious visiblity problems, while historic champion Richard Williams took third overall and off course the FIRC Historic win, in front of Richard Leggett who avoided all the traps and had a clean run in his smart GTV.

Once again one big happy family, what FIRC should and will be. We thank everyone for another great Challenge year, in the next weeks more important news about FIRC 7 will go online. It all looks very good for , but we want things official so stay tuned! The final event of the season developed in a predictable style since the rally reappeared on the Flemish calendar three years ago now. Over bookings in a couple of days, but the entry list got expanded to cars instead of the usual Some FIRC crews decided to skip the event to prepare for the season, other have their car not ready but most of the top drivers will be there.

The long awaited seeding list will be published on Wednesday 18th November. We look forward to this great event and hope for some good FIRC overall results. The first rally after the summer break saw all of the FIRC regulars back in action on the Hemicuda rally. After some pre event issues, Alex Taylor set off at his usual pace to find that the stages were very slippery. Andy Dawe also matching and occasionally beating Taylor for pace through the early stages in the 2wd Nissan.

In the Historic class Richard Williams led Keith Pettit who was suffering a gearbox problem with Mike Smith close up behind in the sunbeam.

Mike suffering from another competitor running into his car on the stage. The brothers suffering with handling issues during the first loop after a suspension bolt came loose. A very fast rally would take its toll on the competitors with Pettit retiring with engine problems, as did Packford. Andy Dawe retired with reported engine problems and Allan Smith crashed out after a tyre came off the rim. Gavin Smith fared slightly better, a ditch encouraging him in, but escaping to get to the finish 17 th overall, albeit with no clutch and a broken exhaust.

Garry Elswood took after a well-judged run a 42 nd overall and a first place in 2WD which gives him a very healthy lead going into Kortrijk. Richard Williams and Andrew Cowley finished first FIRC Historic and 32 nd overall after a last minute issue with the battery shorting out just before the final control.

So we head next to Kortrijk with two out of the three classes still to be decided. Please remember to get your entries in early to book your place and that the FIRC office is closed until mid-October. The final, a preview. All crews hope to be back in Hemicuda. However both drivers cannot afford any mistake, if so Kortrijk rally will be really interesting. In 2WD class nothing has been decided yet, on top of that Robert Dillon and Anthony Darou return too, so the battle in this class will only be decided in Kortrijk fors ure.

In the mean time we also await a solution for booking in to Kortrijk Rally, as well as more details about the new class for which should be finalised in November. Double for Dawe in TBR.

The last event before the summer break promised to be very interesting: The first stages were very interesting indeed with Taylor, Dawe and Campling scoring similar times, but it all went wrong pretty soon for Taylor, who never got to grips on the slippery stages and finally dropped down the classification after four! David Campling clearly feels better and better on the Flemish stages but his great efforts were ruined by a broken power steering.

This put the road wide open for Andy Dawe who stormed to a much deserved victory after a stressy spring with nothing but trouble on the car. No room for error is left for Taylor now, since everyone is doing the two remaining events.

In 2WD class things look even better than they were. No one came close to Andy Dawe, but all 2WD teams finished and scored points. Andy Egger proved his speed again and came 2nd in class and 28th overall! He will have to face some Nissan fury in the upcoming events. Also Iain Gibson is coming closer, Robert Dillon and Martin De Vere-Packford remain important outsiders running the final events despite having missed two results.

In Historic finally, no one could threaten Richard Williams but main rival Keith Pettitt came 2nd again and is waiting for a little mistake with the blue machine. Richard Leggett made a great debut navigated by the very experienced Cat Lund, so he could be an important player if he registers for a full season. Lesser news for Henri Hardiment who blew up his engine, but there is the whole summer to fix that.

Now we can all relax a bit, we hope to see you back in Hemicuda, in the mean time enjoy your holiday! Golden Poppy Trophy awarded to Val Thomson. Also this year there was a ceremony at Wervik Rally to remember what the British did for us a century ago. Her family got hit very hard with two cousins missing in action during WW1. A third family member, Joseph Waring is to be found in North France.

Two for Taylor in Wervik. As bright as the sunshine was, how good it all looked for two drivers in FIRC: Keith Pettitt and Alex Taylor. Mike Smith could not make it and former champ Pat Anderson just had a one off in his smart Galant, so the only thing Keith Pettitt had to do was finishing the event and take important points for the Challenge. Job done despite some gearbox issues and Keith went home with some cups again, a tradition the last couple of years.

Uptil now the Frosty squad has the right pace and despite a minor off easily won in the abscence of Tony rebuilding his Evo and Andrew Dawe, the quickest man ever in 2WD but still with a headache regarding his engine. Gavin Smith took an honourful second place in front of Nick West who had a happy run and takes important points again.

Does the above mean it was a boring day? With some 20 secs difference at the finish, it just did not work but the effort was great. Behind Martin we saw a close fight between Iain Gibson and Garry Elswood until the Honda visited a ditch, unfortunately far away from any spectator.

Before the car was pushed on the road again 6 minutes were gone, but a full attack on the last leg made the Gibson brothers end just before Derek Webb, who started his season in Wervik. Further on we also saw interesting times from guest driver Andrew Smith in the all new Ford Pinto Cup, making his debut in our country and keeping a 5th position out of 10 almost identical but a bit more liberal cars. We hope to see the crew back for some more events later on.

Talking about the near future, we have TBR Rally in about a month before summer break. It will the first time all the regulars will be present, very interesting for some time comparisons.

Taylor Dominates Crazy Canal Rally. The opening event was driven in wet conditions for the first time in nine years. A piece of cake one would think There was certainly one crew that had a trouble free run full of fun: Being one of the Course Cars, the Castrol Cat enjoyed massive attention at the service park during the whole weekend, TV crews included.

We thank Royal Marine Grant White, Stephanie Boddez and the whole crew again for being present at the Canal Rally, which looked pretty much like a battlefield in its own way SS1 saw massive drama with the horror crash of reigning champion Tony Clements.

Putting a wheel in the grass on high speed was enough to launch his Evo skyhigh. This crash was one of the heaviest seen in Belgium for years, but luckily enough both men were ok; although unfortunately the car was a total write off. Both men felt little of the impact, until they saw the footage afterwards.

More havoc came a couple of miles further after the restart, when Chris Peart hit a pole and saw his brand new, supersmart looking Nova shortened somewhat.

In the meantime, we lost Mike Smith too, whose Sunbeam only made it for a few turns before refusing all duty; and it was the same story for his namesake Allan. His Subaru stopped a couple of times for no apparent reason, and finally stayed dead. With four crews out after the opening stage, the omens were not good. The next victim was newcomer Iain Gibson who had a very good run before his Civic stalled, with another electrical problem. The next car stuck in the servicepark was Martin De Vere-Packford with a broken gear lever, clutch cable and more; far too much to be repaired in time.

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