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Eight volume sliders allow quick volume changes and FX modes offer DJ effects such as beat-repeaters and synced filter effects. An arpeggiator was also provided. Archived from the original on 9 December

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With the introduction of the SL range in , this was complemented by Novation Automap , a software system that automatically detects and maps the controllable parameters of a plug-in or software application and configures the control surface to address them. Automap has continued to be developed to the present day and is available in a number of formats including an iOS app.

In August , Novation was acquired by Focusrite Ltd. A keyboardless MIDI controller, the Novation Launchpad , was launched in with an 8x8 grid of large illuminated buttons that could be used to trigger sounds, loops, effects and other parameters, initially in conjunction with the Ableton Live music performance application.

Launchpad was one of the first grid-based performance controllers and this area expanded over the subsequent period to become a significant aspect of the electronic music hardware market. The Launchpad was out of the top two best Novation makings. The company expanded into DJ controllers initially with the Novation Dicer in , which consisted of two sets of buttons designed to be attached to a turntable or laptop, [12] and then a full-blown DJ controller in with Novation Twitch , which differed significantly from then available devices of the type in that it used twin touch-strip controllers instead of the more common turntable emulation, providing additional control capabilities.

The product has been discontinued since. All these different areas of synthesis and control have increasingly combined in Novation products to create hybrid instruments and devices such as keyboard controllers with miniature grid launchers and on board synth and vocoder capability, for example the Ultranova [14] and Mininova [15] MM10 was a battery-powered portable keyboard system for the Yamaha QY10 music workstation.

Later updated as the MMX. Super BassStation added an arpeggiator, [19] noise source, ring modulator, an additional LFO bringing the complement to two, a sub-oscillator an octave below Oscillator 1 , analogue chorus and distortion effects, keyboard filter tracking, stereo outputs and panning, enhanced memory, analogue trigger signal output and more to the original design.

Supernova Polyphonic synth providing a complete multi-effects processor for each of its eight audio output parts — and a total of 56 programmable effects available on all voices all the time. Supernova originally featured note polyphony, later expanded to 20 with a new operating system, and three DCOs with ASM to recreate the classic analogue synth sound.

Two powerful LFOs and two ring modulators completed the sound modification capabilities and the Supernova specification was rounded out with eight analogue outputs and full MIDI implementation. Nova essentially repackaged the Supernova into a desktop performance module based around the same synthesiser engine. Supernova II was available in 24, 36 and voice models with additional 12 or voice expansion boards.

FM synthesis capability was included along with ring modulation, dual analogue inputs and a band vocoder. An 8-part arpeggiator was also on board and in its full version the product offered 8-part multitimbrality and voice polyphony, with 57 and oscillators running simultaneously. A-Station was a cross between the BassStation and the Supernova. An arpeggiator was also provided.

K-Station was a 2-octave keyboard version of the A-Station with 8-voice polyphony, [22] three ASM oscillators providing a range of waveforms plus FM synthesis and a noise source, a band vocoder, arpeggiator, dual ADSR envelope shapers and two LFOs, reverb and delay effects.

The KS4 was a 4-octave keyboard, while the KS5 offered five octaves. Keyboards are semi-weighted and include aftertouch, and all 33 control knobs on the ergonomic control section send MIDI. The KS Series included four-part multitimbral [23] operation with multiple assignable audio outputs, a 14 band vocoder and a separate effects processor for each part.

V-Station and B-Station These software products, still available as of January , provide virtual emulations of the K-Station [26] and Bass Station [27] respectively.

At the heart of the Remote SL range was Automap, [29] which detects the sequencer in use and the software plugin instruments used in the project. Nio 2 4 was a multi-platform compact 2-in, 4-out [30] USB audio interface aimed at musicians in general and guitarists in particular, bundled with a specially selected complement of 20 software effects in the Nio FX Rack application, controlled from the unit's front panel, which resembled a guitar effects pedal.

Nocturn takes the Automap technology from the Remote SL range and applied it to a compact controller. Eight touch-sensitive rotary shaft encoder controls with a ring of LEDs around each to indicate its setting; touch-sensitive crossfader; and a Speed Dial knob allowing patch selection and the ability to control any on-screen parameter.

Included eight rotary shaft encoders. Launchpad is a multi-button controller for the popular live control application Ableton Live, [34] featuring a grid of 64 8x8 brightly illuminated square buttons. Additional modes allow Automap control of features and mixer control. Automap for iPhone and iPod Touch is an app providing basic remote control of DAWs, effects, sequencers or plug-in parameters using two faders and eight buttons on an iOS device. Dicer consists of a pair of hardware button sets — five large operational buttons and three mode select buttons — designed to attach to the corners of a turntable or laptop and allow users of DJ applications such as Traktor and Serato the ability to control loops, cues and effects.

Up to 18 voices, 14 filter types, 36 wavetables, and 5 effect slots, 37 full-sized keys and aftertouch, a band vocoder and 2-in 4-out USB interface.

Twitch is a DJ controller with touchstrips instead of turntable emulators to navigate tracks, slice up beats and mix them back together on the fly. Includes a built-in audio interface.

Originally developed in collaboration with Serato. Impulse also has 8 back-lit performance pads that can trigger drums, effects, and launch Live clips. MiniNova is a micro synth with note keyboard based around the same synth engine as the UltraNova, [37] capable of creating and editing sounds with up to 18 voices and effects. The VocalTune function can recreate iconic urban and hip hop vocal sounds, as well as classic house and techno voice effects with the onboard vocoder.

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