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Padlet is an online bulletin board app that allows kids to pin content from various sources. It’s useful for brainstorming, bookmarking.

All of our enrollment and re-enrollment is done online and parents are required to submit email addresses. Hi Terry - I'm no longer based in a school, but here are a few of my favorite reading resources. I would have loved to have joined - I did all the research ahead of time, but I couldn't get it to load in either of my browsers. POS software for food service.

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You then add what you need for each weeks bulletin. You can also other users if you would like to delegate duties to your staff or volunteers. Want to put it on your website. This is a sample embedded bulletin…. Bulletin creation can be a real chore, and we hope our process eases that a bit. Church staff members or volunteers can smoothly and easily create a beautiful bulletin, simply using the content in your library.

Stop staring at the stacks of wasted bulletins each Sunday or kicking yourself for printing the misspelled name of your guest speaker. The whole point of our Happy Bulletins is to save you time, money, and frustration. Not quite as easy to leverage as it used to be, though. Printing stacks of bulletins that are passed out, then flipped through and either tossed aside or used as a doodle canvas. If it did, there would be a lot more farmers.

You can even make multiple ones Wed and Sunday or even special ones for special events. You can also Nearpod it for quizzes and data collection , as Sabba did to get a sense of where we would place ourselves on the edtech curve. At the end of the session, you can have the data sent to you as a PDF.

You can also find lots of free lessons on the Nearpod website on topics ranging from the Formation of the eEarth to Geometric Elements. Check out this link. The second a-ha for me was having a chance to work with an online bulletin board app called P adlet. You need to see it. Have a look at the P adlet Gallery to get a sense of the possibilities. My last a-ha was not so much one particular app although I am really taken with Book Creator , Explain Everythin g , and Popplet Lite apps —all free.

It was more about the mindset for working with apps. First, Sabba recommends that you not try to integrate too many apps all at once. Focusing on one or two per year might be the best way to go. Over time, you will easily build up a repertoire of five or so apps that will become an integral part of your tool kit. And instead of going it alone, think about working with a team. Encourage them to try out everything. What experiences with apps do you have to share? Jules and Nic have been and continue to be!

Some are research features, some reviews and some advice for schools and teachers.