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The BCG Potential Test (aka BCG Online Test) is a maths, data interpretation and logic test used by BCG to determine which candidates are granted a first round of interviews. This preparation guides includes a FREE test, video tutorials, tips for passing and a preparation plan for the BCG Potential Test.

Market Growth will be values of Y axis. Market Share will be the bubble in the chart. Right-click X-axis and go to Format Axis. Click Values in reverse Order and change Axis Value to 1 it depends on your market! Right-click Y-axis and go to Format Axis. Change Axis value to 0,1 also depends on yor market! I prepared template of BCG Matrix. You can download it here for free.

Right-click X-axis values and go to Select Data. Click Edit to change source of data. You have to change series X values. Select Relative Market Share values. It is column E in this example. Your BCG Matrix chart is a bit changed.

This matrix is used to analysis the profit opportunities in the market against products and services. Nowadays, it is very popular and useful for managers to make their future planning and strategies. Every formal company creates this matrix before launching their products etc.

You can easily use this chart in all formats as i describe. But before you go for download, here is its properties and procedure how to insert BCG matrix in excel.

Before you draw matrix you should understand its four sections. It represent that your product s or services have low market share and low market growth also and this section is not better for your company profit profile. This section is a danger zone for your company. This section is much better than dogs section, and also shows that your company not only going into lose at all.

But you can never under estimate market growth because you cannot generate profit. This section shows that your company is not generating a big profit, because high market shares a required to make a big profit profile. And on this stage you have to change your strategies and planning. This section is best because it shows that you company generating profit as well as doing market growth too. Open an excel spreadsheet and look at the top option in which click on insert that is on the 2 nd left top.

In this insert option there are many other options and sub-option, like columns, bar and pie chart but this is not for you so click on other charts.