Fugen -s: Arbeitsvertrag vs. Mietvertrag


Beliebte Suchbegriffe to Silvester approach Gesundheit issue consider provide resolution.

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Transliteration aktiv Tastaturlayout Phonetisch. Ich muss heute meinen amerikanischen Mietvertrag kuendigen. Mietvertrag - tenancy agreement. In the event this Lease shall continue as a tenancy from month to month the terms and condit…. Eine ziemlich profane Frage, aber leider sind Präpositionen mein absoluter Schwachpunkt Mietvertrag, Pachtvertrag, Leasingvertrag - tenancy agreement, lease contract, leasing agreement.

In den Wörterbüchern finden sich für alle drei Begriffe mehr oder weniger dieselben Übersetz…. Bis heute habe ich Ihnen 3 emails in Bezug auf meine Kaution Liebnitzstr. Mietvertrag Discussion in ' Deutsch German ' started by anapeon , Oct 3, Previous Thread Next Thread. I am aware the Fugen -s is a tricky subject, with many exceptions, but just wondering whether there is a reason why one says "Arbeitsvertrag" but "Mietvertrag".

Both Arbeit and Miete are feminine, so according to the rules I have seen, normally the linking -s is not used in these cases. Does anyone have a structured answer or is this just one of many exceptions? Dresden, Universum, born German, Germany. Hi, in Grimm's Wörterbuch it is stated that both versions "Mietvertrag" exist. But with "s" only occasionally in spoken language.

I found it also used in the Internet in written form. One of the versions found the way into standard language. So if both versions exist, there must be a kind of exclusion rule in such cases after some time. I do not need any. May be after there is a law, the language follows the law. Hutschi , Oct 3,