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Gold Price Prediction – Gold Rallies as the Dollar Continues to Slide Gold prices continued to break out as the dollar eased and US yields moved lower. The year US yields tumbled to % the.

A demo account is intended to familiarize you with the tools and features of our trading platforms and to facilitate the testing of trading strategies in a risk-free environment. I am expecting far more upside on Gold on the larger time frames and will use the H1 and H4 time frames for trade entries. Along with its enduring popularity as a crucial jewelry-manufacturing component, gold has always been used as a monetary instrument.


The particularity of gold is that it can only be traded against United States dollars (USD). The internationally accepted code for gold is XAU. It is known to be a “safe-haven” asset, it is.

While DXY is in trouble bowl that is bear top for it to test Gold has not make any clear correction yet since December of This is good thing for buyers who open a position since the end of but not Market has reached daily resistance level and now the trend is broken we can place shorts with stops above swing high. I am expecting far more upside on Gold on the larger time frames and will use the H1 and H4 time frames for trade entries.

I expect to see a corrective structure as indicated on this chart to form and will be looking to trade the long from the start of wave 4. There are of course reversal signs that I will look for before entering the trade. For more details on This is my chart showing my major support and resistance lines. Like if you agree and feel free to leave me a comment if you dont. Whats two potatoes heads to an egg erh?! Profited pips from my short and reversed my position at the trade is still live target 1: Short on trend reversal, supply zone and candlestick pattern.

Gold 4h Sell the pull back. This gold price chart provides you with spot gold price data - or information about the current price of gold - to help you make informed trading decisions. For thousands of years, human beings have placed a high premium on gold. Coveted for its malleability, its relative scarcity and its vibrant color, this precious metal has long been a widely treasured asset. Along with its enduring popularity as a crucial jewelry-manufacturing component, gold has always been used as a monetary instrument.

More recently, from the late nineteenth century up until the outbreak of World War I, many countries across the globe anchored the value of their currencies to a specific amount of gold.

This only ended in , when the US opted to stop aligning its dollar with the gold price. While the precious metal no longer functions as an official currency, the gold price remains a highly influential element in financial markets and world economies.

Given the importance of the gold price to the global marketplace, it pays to understand the factors that determine its value: Stability - As the bedrock financial instrument underlying global currencies, gold is considered a fairly secure asset. Its price tends to rise in times of turmoil, as governments and investors turn to it as a hedge against uncertainty.

Inversely, gold prices usually drop in stable times, as riskier yet potentially more profitable avenues of investment become more viable. Supply and demand - As with most assets on the open market, an excess of demand for gold normally for jewelry-making, or manufacturing certain medical, industrial and technological products drives up the gold price assuming supply is constant.

On the other hand, a weakening of demand often has the opposite effect on its value, sending the price lower assuming supply is constant. When the value of the US dollar increases, gold becomes more expensive for other nations to purchase. Additionally, when the dollar starts to lose its value, investors look to gold as a safe-haven alternative and this helps to push its price up. As a result, these banks wield immense pricing power in global gold markets.

If the banks suddenly increased or reduced their gold exposure at once, even slightly, this would have a magnified effect on the gold price. Central banks therefore rely on a joint though unofficial commitment to refrain from unilaterally engaging in large-scale gold sales that could destabilize global markets.

ETFs - While exchange traded funds are generally intended to mirror the gold price rather than influence it, many large ETFs hold a significant amount of physical gold. Therefore, the inflows and outflows from such ETFs can affect the metal's price, by altering the physical supply and demand in the market. This is partly down to its ability to retain its value over time, along with its status as a relatively safe asset that can act as a hedge against unstable circumstances and uncertain financial conditions.

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The DXY is rolling over and with it the Euro is on the verge of a breakout, gold extended but to maintain a bid with the help of slope support and the Dollar.

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