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So solid state certainly has special capabilities when used with care. Back to another show, CES Here Avantgarde-USA combined BAT tube amplification with the experimental Super Duos, experimental in the sense that the Duos now sported six inch woofers by adding two sub modules per channel.

The sound resulting from a combination of setup, room treatment and equipment was warm, rounded and laid back. The system made the listener contemplative and serious - classical perhaps? Completely different was the Duo system next door where the German manufacturer of Avantgarde exhibited.

It was clearly more dynamic and involving, making us an active part of the music rather than passive listeners. Avantgarde Germany played their new Model5 integrated or vollverstärker. We listened for quite some time and liked the overall sound. Some weeks later and delayed by the fact that another reviewer bought his Model 5 and thus a new amplifier had to be burned in at the factory, the German parcel arrived in Rotterdam. Accordingly, Matthias dreamt of an integrated amplifier that would match the resolution, detail and dynamics of his horns and come in at a very affordable price.

Class A operation -- where the higher bias eliminates the zero-crossing distortions of push-pull designs -- was a necessity. After the first 0. Due to its voice coil motion, every loudspeaker 'talks back' to the amplifier feeding it. The official term for this talk-back is e lectromotive force or back EMF. To counter this effect, many amplifier designs add a form of suppression called negative feedback that is used to lower the output impedance and thus increase the damping factor.

The input signal is amplified to a level much higher than necessary for listening. The resultant signal is compared to the input signal and all aberrations are subtracted before the remaining signal is fed to the loudspeaker terminals. This process is somewhat akin to shoot first, apologize later. In audio land, there's a religion that proclaims hornspeakers best suited to low-powered tube amplifiers sporting direct- heated, single-ended triode circuits which, most of the time, results in beautifully built amps designed around 2A3 and B output valves.

Compared to the big black box of the Meishu, the Model 5 measures only The whole 10mm thick chassis, 2mm cover and 10mm fascia are powder-coated grey for a friendly, non-intrusive appearance. The top of the cover is adorned with an engraved company logo. The front sports two round knobs flanking an elongated oval display to look a bit like a smiley face a child could have drawn.

The left knob is the input selector, the right the volume control. The display is special. Against its white background, two indicator needles display the selected input and volume. In standby, the left needle points upward, the right down. When in standby, a bright LED illuminates the dial a glorious red.

The asso-ciation of the bright red and 'vacant' sign we associate with the Red Light District cannot be a coincidence. However, do not worry. The bottom of the Model 5 houses a dimmer for the LEDs. The LED also switches off when the remote selects mute.

That's it, no further thrills here. The design of the metal remote matches the amplifier - stylish and robust. The impedance for all five inputs is 10kOhm. The XLR outputs are preamp-level and designed to drive powered loudspeakers like Avantgarde's own active Solos.

The Model 5 is rated at milliwatt or 0. We love this spec. Where else do you see such pride in low figures? The lucky ones who use high-sensitivity, high impedance loudspeakers like Avantgarde's ohm Trio Omega do even better.

The Model 5 then delivers 1. It is obvious that the Model 5 has been built for the kind of high-performance loudspeaker like the horns mentioned. Before we let the music speak, we must delve a little deeper into the design of the Model 5 to report on certain novel circuit implementations. The technical genius behind Avantgarde Acoustic is Matthias Ruff.

Inspired by the very minimalist 47Lab Gaincard, he started to think about a simple amplifier that would be perfectly copasetic with high-sensitivity loudspeakers. Many users of such speakers have been unhappy with the available choices for matching amplifiers. Hugely powerful amps sound great with low-efficiency speakers but not highly sensitive ones. Whereas the avant-garde has a significant history in 20th-century music, it is more pronounced in theatre and performance art, and often in conjunction with music and sound design innovations, as well as developments in visual media design.

There are movements in theatre history that are characterized by their contributions to the avant-garde traditions in both the United States and Europe.

Among these are Fluxus , Happenings , and Neo-Dada. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Avant-garde disambiguation. Media culture and Spectacle critical theory. Creationism Nadaism Stridentism Ultraist.

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