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It offers the ability to create a new or open a previously saved. Of those with a tablet, a whopp. A teardown of the fifth-generation iPod touch reveals some key differences with the iPhone 5, with which it nominally shares a lot of similarities, according to repair outfit iFixit. Eine Sicherheitslücke beim Mikroblogging-Dienst Twitter sorgte gestern für Unruhe, da sich einige Würmer rasend schnell unter den Nutzern des Angebots verbreiteten.


Sheet is a powerful and extremely easy to use automated time and task recording tool for professionals. It doesnt have a ton of features, but thats kind of what we like about it. Win allows you to customize the search or replace in many ways. D Scarce on features, this monitoring tool only captures screenshots. A left- hand console let us invite friends to access our images, designate images to share, create albums and collections, log in to Facebook and Flickr, and set options.

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The downloaded data can be directly imported into all leading technical analysis software like Metastock and Amibroker. It will generate a puzzle in one of four difficulty levels and then the user can solve it using pencil marks or just marking numbers. Title Type pinel biopsychology 8th edition PDF itil for dummies edition. These files games, software. Biopsychology pinel 8th edition ebook pdf biopsychology pinel 8th edition ebook. The executable is compact and requires no installation, but it requires Java to run properly.

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Copy your username or password with the click of a button. Body Engineering Pdf Free Download crashes when a file with invalid date is acquired and corrected some minor visual glitches. Its also highly recommended. Whats new in this version Version 1. We had no problems whatsoever with IMVUs interface or with the people we met. Since we installed the program on a single PC, we needed both parts.

Chrome TV is free and installs easily, but it might require the Windows Media Player browser plug- in, which is also free. After downloading, add the Foxy.

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This is extremely usely for anyone using both a laptop and a desktop computer who wants to keep their data files synchronized between the two. Point, and Excel docs. Users can choose a part of the body to look closer by navigating through the tab listing the specific areas of the human body. Maybe this free screen magnifier can be of help. Splitter is to form as many 4- 5- and 6- letter words as you can by using letters within a given word or phrase.

The programs main window asks computer users to select a source file and an output folder, and offers options such as rotation, conversion to JPEG, and overwrite mode. Every part of each playset can be manipulated, letting users experiment with all kinds of configurations. Download Now From 5. Speak also will remind you of appointments, and the character will try to entertain you by telling jokes, singing, or just yawning and sleeping.

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Modelo gobierno de canarias pdf download grinold and kahn active portfolio. Ronald Kahn, 'Active Portfolio Management. Grinold, the fundamental law of active management. All about business research paper outline. It is also described in R. Hidden Factors,' Journal of Portfolio Management, vol. How to profit from the technology sell-off! How to Build Your Own Algorithmic - k More particularly, the invention relates to improved computer based systems, methods and software for calculating factor risk models that predict the risk and tracking error of portfolios.

The present invention describes a particular approach that can be utilized to improve the factor- factor covariance estimates of a factor risk model. This advantageous approach improves the factor risk model predictions, portfolios constructed using the factor risk model, and performance attribution using the factor risk model.

The goal of a factor risk model is to predict the asset volatility and asset- asset correlation for every asset and every asset pair, respectively, in a universe of potential investments such as equities, bonds, and the like.

For a universe with N possible investments, the predicted volatilities and correlations are described mathematically by an N by N asset- asset covariance matrix, herein denoted as Q.

If the portfolio holdings or weights are described by the N dimensional column vector w, then the risk of that portfolio is given by the mathematical formula. If the weights of a reference benchmark of investments are denoted by the N dimensional column vector wb, then the tracking error or active risk of the portfolio relative to that benchmark is given mathematically by. Risk and tracking error can be measured in units such as percent daily, percent monthly, or percent annual volatility.

A good estimate of Q is useful not only for estimating the risk of a known portfolio but can also be used effectively to construct new portfolios that prescribe a trade- off between the potential return and risk of the portfolio. This approach to portfolio construction is termed mean- variance portfolio optimization and was first described by H. In mean- variance optimization, a portfolio is constructed that minimizes the risk of the portfolio while achieving a minimum acceptable level of return.

Kahn, Active Portfolio Management. Alternatively, the level of return is maximized subject to a maximum allowable portfolio risk. There are numerous, well known, variations of mean- variance portfolio optimization that are used for portfolio construction.

These variations include methods based on utility functions in which the utility is defined as a linear combination of the expected return and predicted variance of the portfolio returns, which is the square of the predicted risk , Sharpe ratio the ratio of annual expected return over the predicted annual risk , and value- at- risk.

The objectives and constraints can entail combinations of return, risk, variance, tilts on scores, exposures to industries, sectors, countries, and currencies, transaction costs, and market impact functions. As particular examples, an objective may be maximize the sum of the expected return or alpha minus the transaction costs, minus the cost of shorting, minus ticket charges, minus market impact, minus the predicted variance or risk of the portfolio.

Each of these terms would have a weighting constant in front of them in the objective function, and the weighting constants would be calibrated by, say, backtests. Example constraints would include limiting the maximum sector exposure to plus or minus 1. A novel approach to portfolio construction using factor risk models is described in U. Robust Portfolio Optimization and Management. U Driver Download them right away on your printer.

Have you ever had a motorbike helmet that did not fit? Doesn't it get annoying? Not only can it irritate you as you riding but it also can be very dangreous.

Wabbaly, a visual perspective on communication. To be sure, there are other approaches that have been used to estimate the risk of a portfolio of financial assets.

Expected covariances of security returns, which are the matrix elements of Q, are difficult to estimate accurately. The number of securities that may be part of a portfolio, N, is often over a 1. Risk models typically cover all the assets in the asset universe, not just the assets with holdings in the portfolio, so N can be considerably larger than the number of assets in a managed or benchmark portfolio.

To obtain reliable variance or covariance estimates based on historical return data, the number of historical time periods used for estimation should be of the same order of magnitude as the number of assets, N. Often, there may be insufficient historical time periods.

For example, new companies and bankrupt companies have abbreviated historical price data and companies that undergo mergers or acquisitions have non- unique historical price data. As a result, the covariances estimated from historical data can lead to matrices that are numerically ill- conditioned. Such covariance estimates can be poor and are of limited value for risk estimation, portfolio construction, and portfolio attribution.

Factor risk models were developed, in part, to overcome these short comings. Kahn, Active Portfolio Management: Graw- Hill, New York, 2. Litterman, Modern Investment Management: No comments on this post. These two references give overviews of how factor risk models have been constructed and evolved over the last three decades as well as detailing various uses of factor risk models for constructing portfolios, predicting risk, and meaningfully attributing portfolio performance.

Grinold and kahn active portfolio management pdf. This approach is described in Litterman and in Grinold and Kahn. Work for active management developed by Grinold , Journal of Portfolio Management Leibowitz and Bova. Factor risk models typically have between 2. A factor- risk model representation of Q is given by the matrix equation. In other words, the off- diagonal elements of. Then, the covariance of the i- th and j- th factors is. The historical specific return for the i- th asset and the p- th historical time period is denoted as.

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Das Update ist ca. Auch für Windows steht ein Update zur Verfügung. Xbox Live Update Preview Program sign-up sheet now accepting gamertags. How about an upgraded Netflix, Zune music, or some shiny new visuals? Just like last year, Microsoft's resident Xbox spokesman Major Nelson has made the call for sign-ups in the.

Apple's iOS holds strong as Android's enterprise presence surges. While Google's Android mobile operating system has seen a fivefold increase in availability in the corporate market over the last nine months, Apple's presence with iOS has held strong and still nearly doubles that of Android.

For the Apple fan who has everything, here's a blockhead bust of Steve Jobs. I'm not entirely sure what the bust is made out of, but 3D printing usually requires a mixture of molding powder and resin that hardens into a kind of brittle claylike material, but of course for display this thing looks fine. It's not too tall, either -- 14x10x6 cm or so. Sounds perfect for displaying on a desk -- you can have your very own "one more thing" anytime you want.

Sony Ericsson's CEO promises 'big surprises in the next few months' video. It's mighty encouraging, therefore, to hear the company's CEO Bert Nordberg tease "big surprises" coming from his team over the next few months. That revelation was accompanied by plentiful references to SE as an entertainment phone maker, a sly grin, and the usual disclaimer that "we never announce them in advance" -- though considering the gap between the Xperia X10 announcement and.

Google sieht im mobilen Internet die Zukunft. Seiner Meinung nach wächst das mobile Internet im Moment besonders stark. Blogger droht angeblich die Todesstrafe. BBC cautions parents against in-app downloads. The BBC series Watchdog is now warning parents against giving kids access to apps on iOS devices, even if the apps initially appear harmless.

On a recent episode of the investigative show, the BBC noted that many apps marketed at children contain in-app download systems that charge real money, while giving the impression of costing only fake currency. This can potentially deceive children into making purchases that cost their parents hundreds of dollars or pounds. Powermat to launch iPhone 4 receiver case.

Powermat has announced that it plans to launch a receiver case for the iPhone 4. If you look quickly, you might not be able to tell that there's any difference between this thing and the Droid 2 that you can go out and buy today, but this thing is all about subtlety -- after all, the only obvious internal change is that it can be used globally.

Droid Life claims that we're looking at the Droid 2 World Edition or Droid Pro, or whatever the heck it's called , featuring a pearly white back and a lighter chrome bezel up front; current rumors suggest that this might replace the original Droid 2 altogether, but it's anybody's guess until we see some official info.

Android makes deep inroads into business, hurts BlackBerry. Android's footprint in the workplace has gone up 60 percent in just a few months, ChangeWave found in a study today. The iPhone was the only other platform to grow but moved up just slightly to 31 percent.

LG Vortex for Verizon in the wild? It might be a little early to cue the "vortex of suck" jokes, but this spy shot definitely says it all: The Droid Guy, source of the photo, says that the specs include a MHz core, 3. To be fair, the Android handsets in Verizon's present-day lineup. Dem iranischen Blogger Hossein Derakhshan droht laut Informationen aus vertrauenswürdigen Quellen angeblich die Todesstrafe. Wikipedia testet Bewertungsfunktion von Beiträgen. Die Betreiber von Wikipedia möchten den Nutzern der Online-Enzyklopädie die Möglichkeit geben, die veröffentlichten Artikel zu bewerten.

Apple sued over iTunes video downloads. Apple has been sued by a New Jersey-based company over its iTunes video download offerings. The suit, filed by Multi-Format, Inc. Here's a bit of news that you might have already figured out for yourself.

Your primary computer doesn't need to feel threatened by your iPad. Sure, your Mac or PC probably felt a little uneasy when you brought that slim.

And you did, didn't you? In fact, you came crawling back straight away because you needed your primary computer to get your iPad up and running, didn't you? Ambitions adds a few new things to the mix that you couldn't do in previous versions.

It beefs up your Sim's career paths and options, including firefighter, chef, musician, athlete and artist. EA's also added the option to have babies in this new iPhone iteration. Other than that, however, The Sims 3: Ambitions is a streamlined affair with good enough but not astounding graphics, and, if you already play The Sims, a completely expected progression of gameplay. And for us, that progression is fairly addictive. The streamlined version of the full game focuses on the life and career of just one Sim, with a far more limited range of things you can do.

Like the previous iPhone version of The Sims 3, life inside of. Facebook hat Newsfeed für Spiele überabeitet. Uncommon Deflector Case for iPhone 4. Deflector is only a partially protective shell, wrapping around the iPhone 4's sides and back without providing front, top, or bottom coverage, but it provides a large enough canvas for you to upload a xminimum photo or piece of artwork, then wrap it around….

Dropbox brings out BlackBerry app, updates others. Dropbox, which provides apps for mobile devices that let users share files and documents, today released its first app for BlackBerry phones as well as Android and iOS updates. The new Dropbox for BlackBerry app can be downloaded today and includes core features such as upload progress, file sync and more. It should cooperate with any other Dropbox-supporting platform and connect over both 3G and Wi-Fi. The concept behind Quattro-T5 is essentially to offer an almost completely protective solution with the ability to morph into a battery pack-assisted "SmartCase," though IvySkin didn't provide the battery pack for testing.

Without the pack on, the case's standard…. Novatel's Ovation MC modem suggest extremely fast things come in small packages. The next and most likely last step in extending the lifespan of 3G data is dual-carrier HSPA, a technology not unlike using two modems at the same time to effectively double the width of the pipe. Novatel's got a new dual-carrier-capable USB stick out that it claims to be the world's smallest -- and it's launching as a Movistar exclusive in Spain initially where the company demonstrated speeds this week topping out at a face-melting Who needs 4G when you're getting those kinds of numbers?

After its tour of Spain, the Ovation MC will launch with other carriers around the world, though with just , , and MHz 3G support onboard, we wouldn't expec. IvySkin Quattro 4 for iPhone 4. The bottom of the case is substantially open for…. HTC HD7 pictured and specced by rumormongers trying to outdo one another.

This morning we had schematics, by lunchtime the HD7 received its first purported image visible after the break , and now there's already an even bigger and better picture showing the supposed HTC Hub-enriched Windows Phone 7 interface see above.

Any bets against the phone actually dropping into our laps by dinner time? Apple subsidiary Filemaker today announced substantial updates to its Filemaker Go and Filemaker Go for iPad applications in the App Store, adding a number of new features that had been highly requested by users. Der umstrittene Gallo-Report ist von Europarlament angenommen worden. Darin fordert die französische Abgeordnete Marielle Gallo eine strafrechtliche Sanktionierung der Verletzung geistigen Eigentums sowie die Fortführung der Acta-Verhandlungen.

Cost-cutting has hindered iPad app. The SI iPad edition is now only viewable in landscape mode, no longer supporting portrait mode as it did in previous issues. If you hold your iPad in landscape mode and then turn it to portrait mode the message, "This page is intended to be viewed in landscape mode.

There's nothing wrong with your iPad -- just turn it horizontally. Quittner says that he believes the optimal viewing experience for photo-drive. Unglaublich, erneut ein Update und keine Fehlerbereinigung. New Kindle gets jailbroken, same as the old Kindle. Well, it looks users of the latest Kindle have more than just an official software update at their disposal these days -- the device has also now been jailbroken.

That will let you take advantage of the various hacks that have been available for the previous generation Kindle, including USB networking, additional font options, and some exciting screensavers. Of course, like all jailbreaks, you should proceed at your own risk -- hit up the source link below for the necessary details if you're ready.

Pledged as collateral is the equity of Devine's home near San Francisco, and the home of his mother, located in Maryland. Defense lawyer Raphael Goldman claims that most conditions for release have been met. Telefon-Warteschleifen sollen nichts mehr kosten. Ein knappes halbes Jahr iPad - haben Sie auch schon zugeschlagen? In Deutschland fand die Markteinführung erst im Mai statt, inzwischen haben noch einige weitere Länder das iPad offiziell erhalten.

Oh Michael, such a teaser you are. Word has it that the head honcho of Dell Inc. Dell left us high and dry with dates and specs and the lack of photos from the event doesn't help, either , but we'll bet you that this is the long-rumored Looking Glass. On a more solid note, Dell also announced that the smaller. Last time we checked in on this problem, HTC had said that the EVO 4G's 30fps cap on video output simply couldn't be increased -- but it seems the latest firmware update might prove otherwise.

We've got a couple screen shots showing details of the latest upgrades for both the EVO and the Hero; in the latter case, you've just got a couple bug fixes, but the EVO's list includes a total of four: The Sensor Key is a small dock-connecting….

On a more solid news, Dell also announced that the smaller. Dell confirms 7-inch Looking Glass tablet early. Dell's namesake chief Michael Dell confirmed [sub. He didn't provide more details other than to say it would run Android like the Streak. Dell also didn't mention ship dates and other details. Sam's well-known for short podcasts that are chock-full of plenty of information.

When the two of us get together on the air this afternoon at 5 PM EDT, we'll have a lot to talk about. Some probable topics on the show will be the recent clarification of Apple's app acceptance criteria, some of the apps that have been welcomed to the App Store as a result, and what this all means for developers and app purchasers.

We'll also talk a bit about the Android platform and its impact in terms of competition to iOS. Analysten seien sich nach Rücksprache mit Zulieferern inzwischen recht sicher, dass Apple im Dezember dieses Jahres etwa 3 Millionen solcher Geräte produzieren werde.

Langsam verhärtet sich damit der. Panasonic Lumix GH2 and 3D interchangeable lens hands-on. It's certainly the segment getting the most focus here at this year's Photokina, and with Panasonic cranking out yet another, we don't see any signs of it slowing down. The newfangled Lumix DMC-GH2 made its official debut yesterday, bringing with it an impressive list of specifications and compatibility with an oh-so-curious 3D lens that we.

Dragon Dictate 2 gains improved engine, new commands. Nuance has released Dragon Dictate 2, a major upgrade of the company's voice recognition utility.

The app handles both text input and application commands. The core enhancement of Dictate 2 is integration of the Dragon 11 engine, which is said to improve on the accuracy and performance of MacSpeech Dictate 1. Nuance bought out MacSpeech earlier this year.

Netflix launches in Canada. Netflix has officially launched its online streaming rental service and application for iOS devices in Canada, providing Canadian users with instant, on-demand access to a variety of movie and TV show content from the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Originally released for the iPad earlier this year, the Netflix app added iPhone and iPod touch support in August but remained available only in the U.

With the launch of Netflix in Canada the same universal…. Verbot autonomer Kampfroboter gefordert. Despite perennial delays that have mysteriously kept every slate of note from formally shipping out, there are actually a surprising number of Tegra 2 tablets floating around.

Savant home automation remote uses built-in iPod touch. Home automation peripherals maker Savant introduced its unique touchscreen remote control this week. Dubbed Savant Touch Remote, it uses the latest iPod touch as the interface. It will use iOS 4. Ein US-Journalist erkundigte sich bezüglich der Kundenzufriedenheit. Dabei gewann Apple mit Abstand. Der Hauptgrund für das positive Abschneiden von Apple soll dabei das iPad gewesen sein.

Es wurde von den Verbrauchern überdurchschnittlich gut bewertet. Bei dem ausschlaggebenden Kriterium für. Den Kollegen von iphone-ticker. Hardware-Details des Nintento 3DS enthüllt? Demnach wird das 3DS unter anderem über gleich zwei Prozessoren verfügen. StarCraft 2 mit optimiertem Balancing und 3D. Blizzard hat den Patch 1.

Hasselblad intros Ferrari-branded H4D camera, refuses to talk pricing hands-on. But what really caught our eye was the flashy red version that popped up just as the press conference was concluding. We were told that Hasselblad had teamed with Ferrari in order to create a limited run of Ferrari-branded H4D medium format cameras, and the model on-hand had just received approval from Ferrari's pain. Froyo-Update für das Galaxy S I rückt näher. Open-Source-Initiative für plattformübergreifende Webanwendungen gegründet.

Is this a Verizon iPhone? Is it a Verizon iPhone leaked screenshot? Hugs, Francis Dear Francis, Auntie isn't sure if this falls under the basic rule of "Don't teach Auntie to suck eggs -- or change carrier names," but given Auntie's general familiarity with the subject matter, she's leaning towards "fake.

Let Auntie know in the comments. Apple setzt immer mehr auf Gaming. Beobachtet man den Verlauf neuer Entwicklungen bei Apple, so fällt auf das ein Thema immer mehr in den Vordergrund rückt: Früher war es noch so, dass man mit einem Mac zumindest teilweise aus der Spielewelt,. Ableton Amp brings amp, cabinet effects to Live. Ableton has introduced Amp, a new effects add-on for the developer's Live production software.

The expansion simulates various real-world guitar amps, improving the character of Live's output. The "Blues" effect, for example, is modeled after a s amp, while "Rock" simulates "the best known rock amp of all time," a 45W model from the '60s.

South Korea passes one million iPhones sold. Yonhap News Agency reports that KT saw activations reach 1. The company received , pre-orders for the iPhone 4, which launched in Korea on Sept. Mophie Juice Pack Air vs. Mili PowerSpring 4 review. If you're an iPhone owner then you've certainly heard of the Mophie Juice Pack. It's emerged as the external battery pack of choice for any iPhone owner needing more untethered power than Apple can provide from its non-removable batteries.

But what about all those feisty upstarts? Can they compete in terms of design, functionality, and price? Microsoft hebt Quartalsdividende um 23 Prozent an. Der Microsoft-Aufsichtsrat hat beschlossen, die Quartalsdividende um 23 Prozent zu erhöhen. Bei der nächsten Ausschüttung am 9. Das sind drei Cent mehr als in den drei Quartalen zuvor, wie Microsoft mitteilt.

Hasselblad swept through a series of new medium format camera systems at the Photokina show along with a tease of a megapixel camera next year. The H4D is one of the company's cheapest ever complete cameras and shoots at 31 megapixels while still sharing all the features of the larger models, including the off-center focusing adjustment that defines the H4D line. VideoEgg kauft Six Apart.

Warteschleifen kostenlos und Mindestgeschwindigkeit für DSL. Die Regierung will das Telekommunikationsgesetz ändern und Warteschleifen in kostenpflichtigen Service-Hotlines künftig kostenfrei machen. DSL-Anbieter sollen zudem vertraglich eine Mindestdatenübertragungsrate zusichern müssen. Furthermore, as AI reports, Fidacaro expects Apple to crank out That seems like an awf.

Die Modelle sollen im ersten Quartal auf den Markt kommen. Ein neuartiges Fahrrad kommt ohne Kette aus. Der Antrieb erfolgt über zwei Seile, die abwechselnd von einer Trommel am Hinterrad abgerollt werden.

Das Fahrrad soll es sogar ermöglichen, dass die beiden Beine beim Treten unterschiedlich stark belastet werden. Future Internet Symposium diskutiert "Networks as a Service". Google's Eric Schmidt faces off with Stephen Colbert. Last night the man behind the Keep Fear Alive campaign sat down with one of tech's luminaries -- Google's Eric Schmidt -- for a frank discussion about just exactly what it is that his company does.

While the focus was on Google's precarious relationship with our personal data, it would be hard to sum up the entirety of the conversation in a quick post that's why Skynet invented video. It is interesting to see Schmidt dodging what are incisive and extremely sharp questions though veiled in sarcasm they may be from Mr. Put aside the next five minutes or so and do yourself a favor: Sammy just hit us up with a brief statement that should make Captivate owners jump clean out of their seats and do a spit take if they're enjoying a cup of joe: Captivate customers will receive a notification on their device that an update is available and will simply need to download the file to update their phone.

The updates will be pushed to customers' devices over the next few weeks. The update for the Captivate will also improve additional device functions, such as media scanning time, add the full version of Quickoffice and address Microsoft Exchange policy suppor. The Wall Street Journal reports on comments from Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen made during the company's earnings conference call indicating that Apple's recent decision to relax restrictions on third-party.

Mailplane, the native Mac app for Gmail and Google Apps email, has been updated to version 2. Leading the charge is support for the recently-released "Priority Inbox. My favorite new feature is the ability to drag a Mailplane URL directly from the title bar.

It works for conversations or searches. TrueNew support has also been added. I hadn't heard of TrueNew before, but it's pretty nifty if you're in the habit of leaving unread messages i. Schon vor wenigen Wochen kamen Berichte auf, dass der Hersteller aus Kanada neben seinen Blackberry Telefonen auch auf dem Tablet Markt mitmischen will.

Apple scheint Webserverprobleme zu haben — die deutsche Seite von Apple. Gleiches gilt für eine Reihe weiterer länderspezifischer Angebote, ein richtiges System ist nicht zu erkennen. Adobe CEO claims 'muted' impact from loosened app rules. Apple's decision to loosen App Store rules and once again permit third-party development tools has had a "muted" impact on Adobe, at least in the short term, according to the latter company's CEO.

Wem es egal ist, ob sich Kühe auf virtuellen Bauernhöfen verlaufen oder andere Dramen in Spielen wie Farmville passieren, hat Grund zur Freude: Facebook hat die Einbettung seiner Socialgames überarbeitet. So werden alle mit mcaf. Wikipedia liest Einträge vor. AppleInsider reports on a research note from Susquehanna Financial Group analyst Jeffrey Fidacaro, who claims that checks with Apple's suppliers indicate that the company is gearing up for an initial production run of 3 million CDMA iPhones i.

Welches Smartphone hat die beste Kamera? Getestet hat PhoneArena die. More than 1 million iPhone sales in Korea.

It took 9 months for that many units to fly off the shelves, and doesn't include sales of the iPhone 4. By contrast, customers had placed , pre-orders for the iPhone 4. Now, KT and Apple struggle to meet the demand as bottlenecks are hindering distribution elsewhere, despite manufacturer. App soll Musikfans vor Unfällen schützen. Mit einem In-Ear-Kopfhörer kann man sich zwar ganz seiner Lieblingsmusik widmen, doch Umgebungsgeräusche gehen meist an einem vorbei.

Trek Support backpack promises to keep its contents charged. Sure, you can just toss an external battery in your backpack to keep your gadgets powered on the go, but why stop there? Some of the "influencers" over at Quirky didn't, and have come up with this so-called Trek Support backpack as an alternative.

As you can see, it packs a removable "gadget dock," which can itself be charged up and then in turn charge up to three different USB gadgets simultaneously. You'll also naturally get a dedicated laptop sleeve, plenty of pockets, and a TSA-friendly design. Of course, this is a Quirky project. Apple's relaxing of App Store rules has 'muted' effect on Adobe. Apple's decision to allow intermediary tools to port software from formats like Flash to the iPhone did not have a significant effect on sales of Adobe products, the company's CEO said this week.

Forscher sollen ihre Daten teilen. Wissenschaftler erheben ständig Daten, die dann nie wieder verwendet werden. Data Sharing will diese Verschwendung beenden und Rohdaten zugänglich machen.

The best things in life, it turns out, aren't actually free. And a beast it shall be, with an Twitter kannte gestrige Sicherheitslücke bereits.

Eine Sicherheitslücke beim Mikroblogging-Dienst Twitter sorgte gestern für Unruhe, da sich einige Würmer rasend schnell unter den Nutzern des Angebots verbreiteten.

Oracle stellt Java-Roadmap vor. Netflix brings streaming-only service to Canada. Netflix on Wednesday launched its Canadian service that lets residents sign up for Watch Instantly streaming movies and TV shows.

Blu-ray and DVD aren't options due to the costs and licenses needed for physical discs. Mit Mountall an Root-Rechte.

Im Betriebssystem Ubuntu ist eine gefährliche Sicherheitslücke entdeckt worden. Sie kann genutzt werden, um Root-Rechte zu erhalten. Ein bereits erhältlicher Patch für Ubuntu behebt das Problem. Die Grenze zwischen Spielewelt und echtem Leben wird durchlässiger: Das Entwicklerstudio hinter Guild Wars 2 plant Applikationen für mobile Endgeräte, mit denen Spieler auch von unterwegs aktiv in virtuelle Abenteuer eingreifen können.

New study questions extent of iPod-induced hearing loss. Apparently iPods cause hearing loss. Throw in another statistic, a percent increase in the number of iPods in existence from as compared to , and it's clear what's behind this statistically significant rise in teen hearing loss.

Or maybe it's not so clear, after regarding a meta-study from the University of Minnesota. Researchers there found that 15 percent of the university's marching band members su. Urheberabgabe auf Drucker erneut auf der Agenda. The dock-connecting device uses proprietary Dynamic Electrochemistry to analyze blood samples for more accurate results, and offers the ability to operate on its own or in concert with the iBGStar Diabetes Manager App.

Blogging-System Movable Type übernommen. Wie auch bei der Vollversion ist man allerdings auf die Plattform Steam angewiesen, über die die Demo verteilt wird. Iranische Atomanlage war Ziel des Stuxnet-Wurms. New is the ability to generate PDFs of reports, invoices and other documents from within the app, which can then be saved or e-mailed to others. Photo of the Week: To share your photos and to be considered for our Photo of the Week, you simply need to submit your own photo to one of our galleries.

So get out there, take some pictures with your iPod or iPhone, and maybe your submission will be our next Photo of the Week! The drill's the same from generation to generation: GelaSkins wraps high-quality art prints around Apple's devices using 3M adhesive material that's capable of being removed…. Users can now convert a database record directly to…. Blizzard aktualisiert "StarCraft II: Nach diversen kleineren Verbesserungen steht mit Version 1. Wings of Liberty" ins Haus. Aufgrund der umfangreichen Änderungen werden auch die Multiplayer-Server für einige Stunden nicht zur Verfügung stehen.

Zu den Neuerungen von Version 1. PDF creation in-app, which allows you to take a database report page or form and instantly create a saveable or mailable PDF -- great for invoices, site reports or price quotes. Second, the apps now support image capture from the iPhone camera or from the iPad's photo library; you can populate image fields in a database directly, a great tool for real estate or inventory applications.

Other new features include scripted record imports from remote or local databases, the ability to email an entire DB from your de. Netflix launches in Canada today: As expected, Netflix has kicked off its first offering outside the United States by opening up a Watch Instantly portal for Canadians this morning at Netflix. Windows Small Business Server 7 Preview verfügbar. Checks with Asian suppliers led him to believe the company is queuing up the large amount in anticipation of a launch in early Combined with GSM models, as many as 21 million to 22 million iPhones could be produced in the last three months of the year.

Externe 2,5-Zoll-Festplatte mit 1,5 Terabyte angekündigt. Android phones and their eternal struggle to get the latest version update, it's a book that needs to be written. It was only last night that we were hearing that the Froyo upgrade for Spanish Galaxy S users would be pushed back till late October, yet today our emotions are swung back the other way by news of T-Mobile UK promising the exact same update by the end of this month.

If our solar calendars are accurate, that means there'll be no more than a day wait left for T-Mo customers using this 4-incher. Google löst Mail für Android vom Betriebssystem.

Bis dato mussten Anwender auf eine neue Android-Version warten, um Verbesserungen von clientbasierten Features in Google Mail zu nutzen.

Künftig werden Neuerungen sofort veröffentlicht - ohne Betriebssystem-Update. Lost iPhone investigation almost done. We could finally be nearing the end of the lost iPhone saga. Way back in April, police launched a probe into the alleged sale of the lost prototype iPhone 4 that was found in a bar near San Jose earlier this year, and CNET is now reporting that the investigation is almost over.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Stephen Wagstaffe of California's San Mateo County says that the final report on the probe could be sent to his office in the next few weeks, at which point he'll look at what evidence was collected and see if charges need to be brought. Wagstaffe also says that multiple Apple employees were interviewed in the case, including Steve Jobs hi. Mit dem iPhone verdient Apple mehr Geld als jeder andere Mobiltelefonhersteller.

Im ersten Halbjahr verkaufte Apple 17 Millionen iPhones, bei über Millionen verkauften Handys entspricht dies einem Marktanteil nach Stückzahlen von weniger als drei Prozent. Ganz anders sieht das Bild aus, wenn man einen Blick auf die erwirtschafteten Gewinne wirft.

Apple kommt hingegen auf stolze 39 Prozent der Profite, verdient also mehr als die drei weltweit grössten Handyhersteller zusammen. Dieses Ungleichgewicht liegt primär darin begründet, dass viele Mobiltelefonhersteller mit extrem tiefen Margen operieren.

Share from Meeting Pro 1. Hutchings Software's Share from Meeting Pro is a new edition of its Share from User cross-platform screen-sharing software that is optimized for meetings and presentations. BKeeney Software's task and project time tracking software now includes the ability to add session notes from the controller window, interface improvements for the controller window, improved pagination on invoices, an option to create time sheets, and other changes.

Recent changes in Synium Software's diary software include viewing of email directly inside Chronories or in Apple Mail, viewing of images directly inside Chronories or in Preview, preservation of text formatting when pasting from the clipboard, general performance improvements, and faster startup. Pilotmoon Software's auto-click software adds improved operation with graphics tablets and with Magic Mouse scrolling, adjustable animation size, a horizontal control panel option, compatibility with LazyMouse and SmartScroll, and an AppleScript interface.

Victoria Wang's Twitter client adds bit. Yazsoft's zero-configuration media server adds media serving with nginx rather than lighttpd, a new streaming engine for better performance, a fix for high CPU use when streaming MP4 files to the PS3, and other changes. The PDF imposition software gains faster performance on imposition tasks, lower memory use, support for bit mode, and other improvements.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 9. Highlights include Photomerge Style Match to match the qualities of an existing photo, Guided Edits for photo enhancement styles, layer masks, and improved panoramas. With free 3G wireless and screens that work great outdoors, they're perfect for summer beach reading. The iPod Touch is discounted, as well, and don't miss Amazon's great selection of DRM-free MP3 music at very competitive prices including free downloads!

Digital cameras and HDTV's get outstanding discounts, plus helpful reviews as well. Bericht über "geistige Eigentumsrechte" passiert EU-Parlament. Windows Live Essentials Final nächste Woche. Dies geht aus Angaben auf einer italienischen Promotion-Website von Microsoft hervor. Weiter lesen Verwandter InhaltMicrosoft: HTC bestätigt Start im Oktober. Kepler-Architektur arbeitet drei- bis viermal schneller als Fermi. It adopts a lightweight, weather-proof, solid magnesium alloy body to house its 1.

The technology enables the camera to capture all primary RGB colors at each pixel location rather than use a Bayer filter and leads Sigma to make a questionable claim to a megapixel sensor. Facebook releases iOS app maintenance update. Facebook has released a minor update to its application for iPhone and iPod touch devices, addressing a number of bugs and providing an improved login experience for developers using the Facebook SDK.

The new version also addresses inconsistent notification counts on the application badge and fixes problems related…. Labyrinth 2 adds Game Center, Retina Display support. The game includes advanced features…. Piratenpartei ruft zu E-Mail-Bombardement auf. Undercroft is an iPhone RPG that's reminiscent of the old Elder Scrolls games; it's turn based, and seen from a first-person perspective even though you actually play a party of adventurers.

This is strictly fantasy fare, and it doesn't do a lot that's new. For the first few quests, you're fighting rats and spiders, and you'll need to level up, deal with loot, and do lots and lots of exploring and quest completing before getting anywhere.

But as traditional as it is, it's actually a lot of fun, and the retro format translates well to the iPhone's touchscreen. We've seen elsewhere that the iPhone can do next-gen games, but it's nice to see older forms like this finding a tidy home on the App Store. And what the heck, it won't cost you anything.

The game is spon. Update für Facebook-App erschienen. Beliebte Apps für das iPhone sind unter anderem die für soziale Netzwerke. Mit ihnen lassen sich die Kommunikationsmöglichkeiten stark erweitern.

Eines bekanntesten Programme dafür ist wohl die Facebook-App, die nun in Version 3. Windows Phone 7 confirmed for all five major UK mobile operators. This will hardly be the most surprising thing you'll hear today, but Microsoft has officially confirmed that all five major operators in the United Kingdom -- Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, Orange, and Three -- have signed up to offer its Windows Phone 7 handsets when they make their long-awaited debut in the coming weeks.

Continue reading Windows Phone 7 confirmed for all five major UK mobile operators. Miami Vindication für iPhone naht. Gameloft hat einen neuen Trailer zum kommenden Openworld-Crime-Game veröffentlicht. Hersteller Gameloft bringt gut ein Jahr nach dem Release von Gangstar: Mit der Veröffentlichung des Trailers wurde offenbar auch der Release-Zeitraum.

AK Zensus veröffentlicht Verfassungsbeschwerde. Der Arbeitskreis Zensus hat die Verfassungsbeschwerde gegen die Volkszählung veröffentlicht, die von über Mit der Beschwerde vor dem obersten Verfassungsgericht wollen die Datenschützer die Volkszählung im kommenden Jahr stoppen.

Adobe enttäuscht Börse mit Ausblick. Bundestags App weiterhin auf der Überholspur! Anhand der ersten Downloads konnte damals schon eine grobe Tendenz über den Erfolg der App ausgesprochen werden. Diese Vermutungen bestätigten sich derweil. Feeling like you're insufficiently saturated with Desire HD info? HTC's got your back, as usual, with one of its expansive video overviews, setting the specs and features you already know about to a background of soothing music and cutesy visuals.

Nothing wrong with that, we say, and it makes for a great sales pitch if you're trying to convince your significant other of the life-changing benefits of purchasing said. Electronic Arts räumt Fehler einMicrosoft: Blackpad soll bald vorgestellt werden. Sanho soll demnach unerlaubterweise Produkte vertreiben, die Apples Technologie verwenden. Das Bundesverfassungsgericht hat die Sache an den Bundesgerichtshof zurückverwiesen. Der soll nun prüfen, ob sie dem Europäischen Gerichtshof zur Vorabentscheidung vorzulegen ist.

Damit wird eine neue Runde im schon lange andauernden Streit zwischen Herstellern und Verwertungsgesellschaften eingeläutet. Apple is expected to build its first 3 million Verizon-compatible CDMA iPhones in December , contacts in the company's overseas supply chain reportedly indicated.

Guild Wars 2 uses iOS apps for 'extended experience'. Guild Wars 2 is going to become the latest big PC game to get a satellite iPhone app. Our friends at Massively have a post up about the "extended experience" that ArenaNet is going to offer in the MMO sequel. You won't be able to play the full game on your iPhone or iPad, but you will be able to chat with friends, browse the world of the game, access character and achievement information, and even wiki information about the game, either from a mobile location or just using the mobile device alongside you as you play.

It all sounds really interesting, and actually very forward-thinking; lots of gamers. South Korea's KT this week said it had passed one million iPhone sales after nine months of having the device in the country.

The marker was passed on August 16, almost a month before the Korean iPhone 4 launch, and is known to be accelerating with the launch of the current model. KT is still trying to fulfill the now , back orders for the iPhone 4 and expects to have reached 1. Die Entwickler bei Firaxis hatten einige Geistesblitze, um Civilization mit Teil fünf gehörig umzustrukturieren.

Datenschützer beharren auf Widerspruchsrecht bei Geodaten. Qt Developer Days in München. Einerseits, weil es quasi vor meiner Haustür liegt, und zweitens, weil ich das Thema Crossplattform-Software-Entwicklung ganz spannend finde.

Denn wer will das nicht: Insgesamt können pro Unternehmen maximal Punkte auf der Zufriedenheitsskala erreicht werden. Apple gelang in diesem Jahr ein absoluter Coup indem das Unternehmen erstmals, mit 86 von möglichen Punkten, den ersten Platz. A new video featuring exec Malcolm Latham now answers that question, highlighting several key features in the company's Medios TV guide platform. We've known that at its core the HTML-based software was created to provide a similar viewing experience across phones, TVs, and computers, but more meaty bits like cross-platform bookmarking, a content recommendation engine, and so-called "Social TV" have been revealed.

We're certainly all for our devices. Windows 7-Umstieg nicht an IE9 koppeln. Keine allzu neue Erkenntnis, aber eindrucksvoll in Tortengrafiken gepackt: Der kleine Anteil des iPhones am riesigen Mobiltelefonmarkt im ersten Halbjahr nach Stückzahlen sowie Apples immenser Anteil an dem von der gesamten Mobiltelefonbranche im selben Zeitraum erwirtschafteten Gewinn letzteres vermutlich komplett geschätzte Zahlen.

Jailbreak RedSn0w geht in die nächste Runde. Tablet von RIM bereits nächste Woche? Multifunktions-Drucker bringt Android-Tablet mitiPad: Wozu taugt Apples Social Network inzwischen?

Eine Kurzumfrage in der Redaktion führte zum niederschmetternden Ergebnis, dass praktisch niemand Ping aktiv nutzt. Bei aller bei Macnotes gern geübten Apple-Kritik: Grund genug zu fragen, ob wir die Ausnahme oder die Regel sind. Wer nutzt denn Ping, und wofür? Bleibts beim Verdikt der Totgeburt, oder übersehen wir. Für zwei Wochen gibt es die Regionalversion zum Angebotspreis.

Bahrain verbietet Nachrichten-Service für Blackberry-Nutzer. Synium Software stellt iFinance Mobile 2. Mit iFinance Mobile können Ausgaben und Einnahmen dort erfasst werden, wo sie gerade anfall.

Musikerkennungssoftware SoundHound mit Verbesserungen und Redesign. Erster Entwurf des geplanten Rundfunkbeitragsstaatsvertrags. Rheinland-Pfalz hat einen ersten Entwurf des Rundfunkbeitragsstaatsvertrags zwischen den Bundesländern veröffentlicht. Wie bereits zuvor bekannt, sollen Rundfunkbeiträge nur noch pro Wohnung erhoben werden, wobei es verschiedene Ausnahmen gibt.

Arbeitslose, Asylbewerber, Auszubuildene, Behinderte, sowie Sozialhilfeempfänger und deren Familie müssen keine oder nur ein Drittel der Rundfunkgebühren zahlen. Unternehmen werden im Vergleich zu. Apple tops consumer satisfaction survey again. For the seventh straight year in a row, Apple has topped the American Customer Satisfaction Index survey, ringing in at number one on the annual list of PC manufacturers as ranked by customers. And it earned its best score ever -- an 86 out of That's nine points ahead of its closest competitors, which are Dell, Acer, and HP.

As you can see from the chart above, Apple is on its way up as well. It's tempting to lay success like this at the feet of the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, but keep in mind that. Apple und das iPhone: Im Branchenvergleich deutlich weniger Stückzahlen, aber am meisten Profit. Andere Smartphones orientieren sich in Optik und Bedienung schon seit längerem daran. Touchscreens gibt es auch an den Geräten von Nokia, Samsung und Co.

Diese Traditionsunternehmen haben noch dazu den weitaus höheren Umsatz. We know you're a hardy crowd and aren't impressed by mere megapixels, but how about this: Yeah, now we've got your attention.

Intended as the attachment that finally makes film shooters break down and go digital, the CFV comes with Hasselblad's DAC lens correction features that'll hunt down and ruthlessly obliterate any distortion, vignetting, lateral chromatic aberrations, or any stray feelings of buyer's remorse. Full press release and a closeup of the CFV awai.

Nokia Siemens Networks testet Gbit-Glasfaser. Gepatchte Versionen werden bereits von etlichen Linux-Distributionen über Updates bereitgestellt.

CCC zeigt Sicherheitsprobleme beim elektronischen Personalausweis auf. Preisträger der SuMa Awards stehen fest. Die Zukunft der Speicherbausteine. DRAMs zeichnen sich dadurch aus,. Facebook leider nur um einige Fehler bereinigt. Videos und weitere Infos findest Du auf der AppZapp. Microsoft-Aktionäre erhalten mehr vom Gewinn. Wie das Unternehmen mitteilte, werde die Dividende auf 16 Cent je Aktie erhöht. Zwei Senatoren haben im US-Senat einen Gesetzesvorschlag eingebracht, welcher eine rechtliche Handhabe gegen Websites schaffen soll, die Urheberrechtsverletzungen Vorschub leisten.

Microsoft startet öffentlichen Betatest von Small Business Server 7. Das Release kann ab sofort von der Connect-Website heruntergeladen werden. Die Preview steht allerdings nur in englischer Sprache zur Verfügung. US-Senatoren wollen weltweit Webseiten abschalten lassen. Das US-Justizministerium soll nach dem Willen einer Senatorengruppe als Weltpolizist künftig "hart und schnell" gegen Urheberrechtsverletzungen im Internet durchgreifen können - egal, ob die Angebote in den USA oder im Ausland gehostet sind.

CCP kündigt die Erweiterung Incursion an. Incursion soll vor allem eine Verschärfung des Konflikts mit Sanchas Nation bringen - und eine Reihe von Verbesserungen. Das Phänomen der Browser-Games ist nicht wirklich neu, erhielt aber zuletzt durch die wachsende Beliebtheit von Facebook neue Impulse, wie das Social Network auf einer Presseveranstaltung verdeutlich.

Entsprechend will Facebook die Integration der Spi. Seitdem hält sich das Programm mit über Promising to bring all the goodness of the H4D, but at a more reasonable price point, this new shooter offers 31 megapixels of resolution and a choice of either an 80mm prime lens or a CF-lens adapter to let you attach V-System gear you've already got in your inventory. As such, it's attempting to perform the fine balancing act of appealing to both system stalwarts looking to go digital and DS.

Electronic Arts räumt Fehler ein. Update auf Chrome OS? Neue Version von Google Mail für Android. Mit der neuen Version soll der E-Mail-Umgang vereinfacht werden. Für deutsche Nutzer gibt es das Update, das Android 2. LHC-Experiment entdeckt neuartiges Phänomen. Hacker sollen Lücken in E-Postbrief finden. Da Apple angekündigt hat, den kostenlosen Versand von Bumpern für iPhone 4-Kunden nicht weiter anbieten zu wollen, muss eine Alternative.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 und Premiere Elements 9: Es richtet sich unter anderem an Grafik- und Webdesigner. Im Nintendo 3DS sollen vergleichsweise schnelle Prozessoren stecken: Das Gerät bietet deutlich mehr Leistung als seine Vorgänger. Die neue Festplatte soll noch im Laufe des Jahres erscheinen.

Sie erlaubt die freie Wahl der Schnittstelle. Roadmap für JDK 7 und 8 steht fest. Oracle hat die endgültige Roadmap für die künftigen Versionen 7 und 8 des Java Developer Kit festgelegt. Das JDK soll auch weiterhin unter einer freien Lizenz erscheinen. CCC zeigt weitere Lücken im e-Personalausweis. Diese lassen sich auch in der schweizerischen SuisseID finden.

Apple liegt bei Zufriedenheits-Studie vorne. Pharmaceutical company Sanofi-Aventis today launched its iBGStar hybrid medical device to monitor blood glucose levels that can also be plugged into an iPhone or an iPod touch.

Users can download the app for free from the iTunes store early , although the device itself still requires FDA k clearance. PaperC schränkt das kostenlose Lesen ein. PaperC bietet mehrere tausend Fachbücher zum kostenlosen Lesen im Browser an, seit kurzem sogar, ohne dass sich Nutzer zuvor registrieren müssen. Zugleich aber führen die Leipziger ein Zeitlimit ein.