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Directory of Fishermen, Fishing Boat Owners & Operators Worldwide - contacts, products and details, listed by country.

In all an extremely rare and complete group. Double sided tape These were used in Spitfires, Mosquitoes and other aircraft. Hake, Savorin, Croaker, Squid.

英汉日科技词汇(An English-Chinese-Japanese Dictionary of Technology,总数606812,E/27141)

This list was circulating our old tank battalion ( Armor, which was since deactivated) a few years ago. Has some M1-specific stuff but a lot of others that apply across the board.

Wholesale Seafood - Wholesale Fish suppliers and Seafood Distributors, local suppliers or in country suppliers. Seafood Restaurants - Companies who specialise in supplying seafood and fish products to Restaurants, Hotels and Catering Establishments. Coral trout, red throat emperor, reef cod, mackerel, mixed reef fillets, cod, prawns, moreton bay bugs, sand crab, mud crab, spanner crab, gold band snapper, rosy job fish, barramundi, spanish mackerel, redclaw crayfish Our fish is only harvested by longliner boats with sea frozen capacity.

Our products include yellowfin tuna, skipjack tuna, escolar oilfish. We have our own vessels, refrigerating plants and processing factory. Our main products are sardine, scad and mackerel for human consumption or feedstuff. SEA-EX MEMBER Bell Global Ltd NEW ZEALAND - Exporting Premium New Zealand Seafood - Alfonsino, barracouta, cardinal fish, smooth oreo dory, black oreo dory, blue cod, blue mackerel, jack mackerel, horse mackerel, silver warehou, blue warehou, southern blue whiting, rays bream, red bait fish, red pearl fish, red cod, john dory, mirror dory, frostfish, nz greenshell mussels, gemfish, monkfish, stargazer, groper, gurnard, hake, hoki, kahawai, salmon, ling, sole, orange roughy, sea perch, snapper, ribaldo, ruby fish, tarakihi ocean bream , trevally, turbot, arrow squid, squid, cockle, pacific oysters, bluff oysters, oysters, paua, abalone, scallop, paddle crab, lobster, scampi, sea urchin kina.

Komira Group also working with groups Fishermen in areas there are about fisherman who regularly work in production chain connections, continuously acquire raw material supply of fish.

Importing for only Pacific Mackerel. RUSSIA - A shore-based pink and chum salmon catching and processing company who provides block frozen raw material to wholesale buyers from around the world. Specializing in raw material for sale domestically and exporting internationally. We obtain 5, tons of cultured fish per year from hunting at sea and inland water.

We also have fish flour, fish oil factories, shocking units, processing facilities. At the same time we are doing wholesale and retail sales. There are restaurants in different locations in Samsun. Our main products are whole, frozen and fillets of rainbow trout oncorhynchus mykiss and seabass. We supply full chain of custody documents and all export documentation. We also supply Barramundi fillets which are also wild caught and fresh snap frozen in IQF boxes.

All our products are caught from our local Tunisian Mediterranean cost Fishing zone: Blue swimming crab - whole frozen, half cut frozen, cooked fresh or frozen ready, Penaeus kerathurus shrimps, octopus, cuttlefish, sea bass Sparus aurata , sea bream Dicentrarchus labrax.

SPAIN - Seamax Global specializes in the harvesting, processing and distribution of the highest-quality seafood in the world. With a fleet of boats spanning the globe, we deliver the finest wild-caught fish and organic farmed seafood to our clients worldwide. Our company has rapidly gained a great part of sea products exportation market to the European Union thanks to the outstanding quality of its products. Supplying all types of Mediterranean fish including: We own our own vivier boat and also buy and sell shellfish from other boats.

We can deliver with our own vivier wagon which will take 11 ton of product. We operate pelagic fishing vessels and a number of artisan fishing pirogues. Our catch includes all Mauritanian demersal and pelagic fish species as well as red and green spiny lobster.

We ship fresh and frozen by truck, sea or air to EU, Africa, Asia and anywhere else. We are fishing with our own fishing vessels using trawls. Our fishing region is Baltic sea. We fish sprats, herring, flounder and cod.

We have our own freezing plant meters away from harbor - so the fish is as fresh as possible when being frozen. Our company has MSC certificate for cod fillet production. We offer cod filleting services. Our company has it own fishing vessels to ensure fresh and top quality product. ABoushehr Seafood Corporation IRAN - Exporter and Importer of fresh and frozen seafood products, fishery development, we are involved in direct catching, selling and buying.

Importing seafood such as tilapia fillet. Fresh spring salmon and salmon roe. Also we have fall king salmon and salmon roe, shad, golden carp, white sturgeon, crayfish.

Frozen Salmon roe, salmon, sturgeon, shad, golden carp. Fresh haddock, smoked haddock, cod, monkfish, hake, Greenland halibut, john dory, turbot, Pacific Oysters, lemon sole, megrim, plaice, black scabbard, blue ling, red fish.

Frozen Greenland halibut and brown crab. Largest vertically integrated seafood company in the United States. JX Seafood Limited CHINA - Producers, processors and exporters of illex squid, todarodes pacificus squid, giant squid in whole round, ring, tube, tentacle and fillet forms.

Carlos Augusto Gudewort ARGENTINA - River fishermen, producers and exporters of corvina furnieri micropogonias , kingclip, anchovy, red cod, red snapper, illex squid, chub mackerel, tope shark, white croaker, Patagonian smoothhound, grenadier, Argentine red shrimp, big eye sole, flounder, southern hake, hoki, grouper, pompano, sea trout, angel shark, elephant fish, flathead, blue whiting, skate, blackbelly rose fish, Brazilian sand perch, silver warehou, rainbow trout, freshwater fish, catfish, boga, carp and battered fish medallions.

The company is also involved in fishing and trading other seafood products. All of the newly caught fishes will be directly transported to our freezer warehouse and stored in a temperature-controlled storage which maintain at the temperature between to to ensure freshness, hygiene, and high quality.

Fish - Spotted sardine, muroaji, codfish, salmon, butterfish, tilapia, mahi-mahi, marlin, swordfish, mackerel, Eel. Cephalopods - Squid, Cuttlefish, baby octopus, octopus.

Crustaceans - Half shell oyster, half shell scallop, scallop meats, oyster meats, green mussels, baby clam, clam meats, lobster, crab. Value Added - Shrimp spring roll, tuna burger meat, breaded fish, breaded squid, breaded squid rings.

Fu Chang Ocean Enterprise Co. TAIWAN - Commercial fishing vessel owners, processing, export and wholesale supply of shark, sunfish skin, tuna, sailfish, marlin, oilfish, shark fin.

Young Sin Seafood Co. Importers of Sardine, Mackerel and Muroaji as fishing bait for our fishing vessels. Tires are Yokohama Supersteel 10 ply 7. The first set circled the globe without flatting or damage. I have a Unimog U agricultural specification for sale. I have recently overhauled it and replaced any bearings etc.

It has its original drop-side body, rear three point linkage and PTO front and rear. This Unimog is vintage, having spent most of its life in Military storage it has covered less than 10,km and consequently is in excellent condition both mechanically and bodily, benefitting from an LPG conversion which makes it very economical and air assist to the brakes although it does not have electricifying acceleration from the cc 90Hp Engine.

The canvas roof has recently been replaced and everything works. This Unimog has just finished being fully overhauled by a Mercedes Benz approved specialist Unimog engineer and parts dealer: Built in and having had one owner previous to me, a German Council, the machine was purchased for touring and has been fitted out accordingly.

The price reflects the genuinely excellent condition of the machine. I also have box windows and an expensive marine degree roof hatch for sale. Mogs can be tough to drive at first but this one has a really smooth action and because of it's size it is really easy to handle and park! The turning circle will blow you away plus it's good on hills! Advantage to purchasing this Mog: Unimog L long wheel base, fast track axles six cylinder Mercedes Benz diesel.

This vehicle was bought from Atkinson Vos just over a year ago with the intention of converting the box into a camper and traveling overland, sadly circumstances have changed. The vehicle has had only two owners from new, one being myself. The milage is , km hardly run-in for this type of engine. It has 8 forward gears and 8 reverse gears.

The box on the back is professionally fitted and measures 12 foot long by 7. It is made out of stainless steel and aluminium and is not insulated. The box has two side windows and rear windows in the doors as well.

The vehicle could suit a number of uses and is completely reliable and has excellent chassis and running gear no knocks leaks and the air system has no faults. No longer for sale. Although unused over the past year, this Unimog is in good condition for its age and is 'a runner'.

The cab, although repaired in the past is in a fairly sound condition and has had a respray. The electrics are all working and a new alternator and other new spares are included in the sale.

It has new tyres all round and the brakes have been relined. It is fitted with the 2. It has a 6 speed gearbox. Selectable four wheel drive and selectable mechanical diff locks whilst moving. The engine has been serviced and is running sweet. All the grease points have been greased! Mechanically the Mog is very good, on test drives everything works as it should. The rear chassis of the Mog was shortened to the rear cross member by a previous owner to improve its off road departure angle.

I have fabricated a new rear bed using the original suspended frame base. The sides of this and the bottom can be sheeted with steel if required at the buyers expense. The soft top is missing but I have the tilt frame in good working order. The tyres are not great but are serviceable.

The Mog comes with an air compressor in the engine bay - although not currently plumbed in. The chassis is in excellent condition and in general the cab is rust free, the worst bits are the front wheel arches which have had some abuse but are very usable. I'm only selling the Unimog as an extension to the house means I'm loosing my storage space. You really need to come and see the Mog and you are welcome to email for any more information or photos.

I have a U agricultural specification Unimog for sale. It has a front PTO and rear linkage not fitted spare tires on rims, x -frame on the back and lots of hydraulic takeoffs. I have a S soft top, LHD, for sale. Ex Swiss Army, 2. Radio box converted to very basic camper van but could easily be adapted to anything. Just serviced and MOT'd the vehicle is in excellent condition and has covered 28,km. I've had tremendous off road fun with this truck but now want a double cab to fit the kids in!

U agricultural specification and registered Q plate Unimog for sale. It has a PTO box no arms All round disk brakes. Engine recently replaced with a reconditioned one.

Since the exchange the Unimog has only done a few miles. Much loved beast but we don't need both tractors on the land. Roll cage for sale at extra cost.

The Unimog is being sold as a chassis with cab. There is a radio back body if you want it at no extra cost. This has the body suspension system attatched to it which is essential if you wish to go off roading with a back body on. I could possibly arrange for this to be loaded onto a lorry or the back of the Unimog by my next door neighbour with his Hiab.

The back axle was the only bad area of rust and as been cleaned up and etch primed and is immaculate. The radio suspressed leads have been converted to standard HT leads. The Cab is in good condition. A new clutch as been fitted. I have everything to complete the Unimog, some painted some not.

It is a good, cheap, short term restoration project. The Unimog as been run in my yard regular to keep the brakes free and everything lubricated and as never been on a wet road since I purchased it. It as also been garaged all the time I have owned it. The only other owner was the German Army. I have a Unimog U for sale.

It is an ex. It has new tyres on the back and good tyres on the front. It has a 6 cylinder diesel engine which can run on red with only 2, hrs.

It has no agricultural equipment on it. Chassis No An early PTO drive and Hydraulics piped to under X frame. Rear PTO shaft complete. I also have a pile of bits available with this machine including a pair of axles from what I understand was a Please email me with any questions or to make arrangements to view. Vehicle in very good condition, in daily use. Ex German Airforce - left hand drive. Originally crewcab but sympathetically reduced to two-seater.

Hydraulics and PTO front and rear. This vehicle was fully restored approximately 13 years ago. Unfortunately it wasn't stored under cover and the cab has suffered the effects of the inclement Manchester weather - the cab now requires some tidying.

Not used for 3 years. Generally needs some tender loving care. I have for sale a very old Unimog believed to have been built in the 's. The chassis has been fully restored, the engine is a Duetz diesel in very good condition, the gearboxes and transmission is all good but the cab needs serious attention.

I was going to fully restore the entire vehicle but I no longer have the time. I am open to any offer as I now need the space. Freshly repainted blue, recently serviced, 8 speed gearbox, switchable 2, 4 wheel drive with fixed diff.

Rear and centre PTO, long wheel base, Only 33, Km, Hours, Hydraulics, P. Also 4 wheel military draw-bar trailer, fully articulated with suspension, air brakes, removable sides. This six seater crewcab with its cc six cylinder turbo-diesel engine has been customized and converted to sleep four with a unique box body to include air conditioning, diesel heater, shower, cooker, fridge, woodburner etc.

This page contains information about privately owned Mercedes-Benz Unimogs and other expedition campervans that were for sale in the UK but are now sold. Mercedes 4x4 four wheel drive DA expedition motorhome. About km driven from new, always parked indoors.

Registered under standard license. Please ask for more information and photographs. Expedition prepared Iveco WM campervan. Completely new body and fitting out. Toilet, shower, fridge, freezer. Fixed double bed plus seating area to sleep 2 if necessary.

All parts are from readily available from dealer. GRP cab and latest build technology for body. Genuine reason for sale.

There is a 12V leisure battery inside with two internal lights. Call or for more information. Professionally customised Leyland DAF camper 4x4. Designed as 2 man overland expedition vehicle.

MOT recently renewed - next due May Free road tax due to historic vehicle status. Portal axles provide excellent ground clearance. Radio box 3m x 2m fitted to chassis on 3 point mounting. Under body storage for 3x 20litre jerry cans. Fuel consumption approx mpg.

Superwinch 14,lb kg 24V front mounted electric winch with snatch block, shackles, etc. Engine driven air compressor currently not working but will be replaced with tyre inflator outlet. Numerous external steel lockable storage boxes. Custom-made steel roof rack with 3 further aluminium storage boxes not shown in photos. Rear mounted rack for spare wheel. Recent partial engine rebuild with new cylinder rings, timing chain, re-honed cylinder bores.

Koni adjustable shock absorbers fitted all-around. Recently refurbished hydraulic brake cylinders. Replacement black canvas top for the cab. Replacement plastic in side windows. Leather front seats taken from Saab Small sliding window added to front of radio box looking into cab. Black out roller blinds fitted to all windows with integral mosquito netting to all opening windows.

Double bed made when folding table is lowered slats for when table used outside. Trumatic propane gas heater approx.

Large approx 2m x 3m caravan winter side awning. Various 12V and 24V outlet sockets. Split 12V and 24V internal lighting circuits. External chassis mounting for 2 x 9kg propane gas bottles included. All conversion receipts retained. I have owned this Mog for the last 21 years A brief list follows: The brakes have been overhauled, with new linings back and front New wheel cylinders The brake booster was overhauled about 2 years ago. New oil seals have been fitted to the front axle tube half shaft ends.

New seal lands fitted to the half shafts A new seal and land fitted to the drivers side portal drive flange. A full re-wire has been carried out. I have just completed the restoration of a U and have the following spares for sale.

Overhead Roof rack with ample storage for Boxes and Spare Tyre. Fixed Double Bed at rear with storage under bed accessible from outside. A Silent Running Generator. Multi Way opening Roof light. OM A Turbocharged hp Engine. Engine Kilometers ,kms Chassis kilometres ,kms.

Front PTO for winch. Unimog by Jone's of Labert G reg - Front and back hydraulics. Prices listed in any other websites may not b Other Event Services , Mdantsane. Full tent Tent poles tent pegs and ropes draft skirt ground sheet Jack spanner Fire ext Spare wheel electrical cord Fridge microwave Finance Available Prices may be changed at any time without further notice.

Rally Tent with Sides Tent poles tent pegs and ropes draft skirt ground sheet Jack spanner Fire ext Spare wheel electrical cord Fridge Finance Available Prices may be changed at any time without further notice. Sprite Swing Ltd Hi, I've got a nice hardly used CampCraft - Lagoona Cabin 4 men tent for sale or to swop for what have you. Price around R neg. Feel free to contact me Willie on on whatt's-up, phone or email. The tent is complete with anchor rope, poles and tent pegs.

Largest Manufacturers of all size Tents. Heavy duty peg and pole, canvas, stretch, pagoda, frame, alpine, classic tents. We custom make any style tents according to your specifications. We also supply Mobile Chillers and freezers at the most affordable rates in South africa. Grace your event with our stylish and affordable chairs. Heavy duty party chairs, tiffany, ghost, chanel, Wimbledon, Phoen Including ropes, poles, pegs, matress still with plastic , 12v plug points and ladder.